Chapter 26

     "I can't believe she's been fucking Michael Jackson! Out of all the men in the world, how in the hell did she pull him?" Calvin fumed with jealousy.

     As he was checking the mail, he came across a bill from his insurance company. "Cedars Sinai? I don't recall Leila going to the hospital, and neither did I," he spoke quietly to himself, feeling utterly confused.

    [Heroin overdose treatment-- Patient Leila James admitted Dec 1998.] He read slowly, trying to digest it all. "Leila was on heroin? I don't believe this!"

     Throwing the paper to the ground, he returned to the bedroom. Before checking the mail, Calvin was in the process of packing Leila's belongings. Deep in his heart, he knew that she was never coming back, so why hold onto her things? As he was placing boxes in the garage, he noticed a loose brick in the wall. "If it's not one thing, it's another," he spoke in an annoyed tone, removing the brick.

     Noticing a small black box, he opened it and discovered the items Leila was using to inject herself with. "Well, I'll be damned! She was doing this shit right underneath my nose? What a fucking junkie!" He exclaimed coldly.

     Later that afternoon, as Calvin was mindlessly watching TV, an idea popped into his head. While he could care less about Leila wanting to be with him or not, he felt as though she was his property, and he wasn't about to let any man get away with stealing from him.

   Shutting the TV off, Calvin shouted vengefully. "Oh, she thinks she's slick, huh? Well, I'm gonna show her and Michael's ass who's really in charge."


    "Wow! This is so cool, Michael." Leila gushed with excitement.

    Michael grinned. "I wanted you to experience Japan fully, so I opted against staying at a hotel. This is a traditional Japanese home that has been modernized. It was built over 100 years ago. This particular style of house is called a Minka."

    "Aww... My baby is so smart!" Leila teased, pinching Michael's cheeks playfully.

     "Funny funny, Missy! I've been here before, but I do read a lot. I love studying other cultures. I find it all so interesting."

    "Same here! I love getting lost in books. It's one of my escapism's. Since Calvin wouldn't let me travel or do much, I had to experience different things through reading. Not that reading is a bad thing; it's just sad due to the circumstances I was going through." She frowned.

    Pulling her close, Michael placed his hand over her mouth. "We're here to relax, Leila. Unless it's the court calling us about your divorce, I don't want to hear that jerk's name."

    Removing his hand from her mouth, Michael caressed her cheek. "We're gonna have an incredible time here. I want you to enjoy this fully... You deserve it, baby."

    Placing her hand over his, she closed her eyes. "Thank-you, Michael-- you have no idea how much this means to me."

    Later the next evening after a full day of sight-seeing, Michael took Leila out for a boat ride along Kyoto's cherry blossom-lined 'Okazaki' Canal. It was like nothing she had ever seen before. The beautiful pink and white flowers were the most exquisite artwork of nature that she'd ever seen.

    "This is so picturesque! I've read about this canal many times, but seeing it in person doesn't serve it justice! And I know that we have cherry tree's in California, but these are on another level! Seeing them illuminated in the dark is amazing." She spoke in awe.

   Michael smiled. "Yes, sweetheart, they are, but yet they're still no match for your beauty."

    Hanging her head down, she spoke quietly. "I know you're only saying that to be nice, but that's so sweet of you."

    "I mean it Leila and by the way... That 'Kimono' looks stunning on you." He complimented her sweetly.

    "Thanks, baby! And might I add-- that black 'Yukata' makes you look even more adorable."

    For their boat ride, Michael suggested that they both wear traditional Japanese clothing. When planning their vacation, Michael remembered a photo-shoot he did in 1987 while on the Japanese leg of his 'Bad' tour. He loved their traditional dress and thought it'd be something fun for him and Leila to do.

    As they strolled down the canal, Leila rested her head on Michael's shoulder. With his arm wrapped gently around her waist, he hugged her close, as he began to sing:

[Sakura sakura

Noyama mo sato mo

Miwatasu kagiri

Kasumi ka kumo ka

Asahi ni niou

Sakura sakura

Hana zakari.]

    "That's a beautiful and mysterious melody Michael, what song is that?"

    "It's called 'Sakura Sakura.' It's a traditional Japanese folk song depicting spring and the cherry blossoms. I learned it years ago." Michael continued to hum the song's melody between speaking.

    "It's gorgeous out here. So peaceful." Leila sighed, taking in the beauty around her.

    When the boat stopped near the torii gate of 'Heian Shrine,' Michael stood up in front of Leila, causing her to become alarmed.

    "Is everything alright, sweetheart?"

    "Yes, Leila, everything is more than alright."

As he lowered himself onto one knee, he produced a black velvet box."

    Looking up at her with a handsome grin, he opened the box, revealing a beautifully cut 'Sakura' diamond ring.

    Taking his hand in hers, he kissed it softly.

   "Leila, you mean the world to me. I truly feel as though fate has brought us back together for a reason. I know it might seem as though I'm moving a bit too fast, but it all feels so right. After experiencing much sadness in our individual lives, it's time for us to be happy... Together. Let's be happy together, Leila. Please marry me; please be my wife."

    Feeling her breath hitch in her throat, Leila tried to speak but couldn't. As tears streamed down her face, she delicately placed her hands on either side of Michael's face.

    Kissing him fervently, Leila moaned her reply. "Mmm-hmm... Mmm-hmm."

    "Is that a 'yes' sweetheart? Please tell me that's a yes." He spoke on the brink of tears.

    "Yes, Michael... It is! I'll be your wife." Leila replied shakily after regaining her voice.   

     Even though Michael had expressed his desire to marry her, she still wasn't prepared for the actual question. After slipping the 'pink diamond' ring on her finger, he shouted joyously. "Yes! She said yes... Aoooow!"

    While Leila was elated to see Michael so happy, she still tried to calm him down a bit. After several people looked in their general direction, she became a little nervous.

    "Shhh! You're gonna wake up the entire city of Kyoto, sweetie. Also, I think you're giving poor Wayne a mini heart attack." She nodded, pointing towards Wayne, flailing his arms in the air, signaling for Michael to tone it down.

    Turning towards Wayne's direction, Michael gave him two thumbs up. He knew Wayne was trying to keep them safe, but he found the whole thing hilarious.

    "God... He's so upset." Michael laughed uncontrollably as Wayne walked alongside the boat from a far distance on the pavement. While Wayne was doing his best to keep them safe, he also wanted to give them their privacy. Unless he felt imminent danger was near, he tried not to look at them directly.

    Before their boat ride, Michael had the entire canal shut down so that they could have their privacy, but there were still people walking on the surrounding pathways. Initially, Michael wanted to sneak out to the Canal alone but reconsidered when he thought about the many other times he was spotted in the city, and madness ensued.

    Later that night, when they returned to their Minka. Michael led Leila to a room that had pillows and art supplies lying around on the floor.

     "Untie your Kimono and remove your bra, Leila."

    Being a bit taken aback, Leila asked Michael to repeat himself.

    "I said untie your Kimono and remove your bra. I want to make a 'wood-block' printing of you. In Japanese culture, they have a form of erotic art called 'Shunga.' It means 'picture of spring.' As you know-- I love all types of art and would love to make a portrait of you."  

    Leila chuckled nervously. "Oh, I don't know, Michael. I don't think I can do this."

    "Why not?"

    "I don't always feel very pretty... You know why. I've been through a lot."

   "Oh Baby-- I know... But you're beautiful. Please let me show you, OK?"

   "OK, Michael." She spoke quietly.


After doing as she was told, Michael directed her on how to pose. "Can you get on your knees and raise your arms above your head?"

    "Like this sweetheart?"

    "Yes, Leila... Just like that." He spoke low,  trying to remain focused.

    "I've never posed for any artwork before."

    "And I've never had someone to pose semi-nude." He laughed.

    When Leila's 'Kimono' fell close, Michael helped re-adjust her clothing. "I think we're gonna have to change the pose a little."

    As he pulled down one side of her Kimono, his fingers brushed her skin lightly, causing his body temperature to rise a few notches. Feeling his body grow weak, he decided to take a seat at his art-desk and give verbal commands instead. "OK, now place your left hand over your right breast while raising the other in the air... And can you spread your thigh's just a bit more?"

    "Like this?" Leila spoke hoarsely, feeling turned on by Michael's commands.

    "Yes, baby, just like that... Perfect."

After Michael finished his foundation sketch, he stood up to stretch his legs. Because wood-block portraits were a bit more tedious to create, he had to draw the initial sketch on a wooden board. He had been sitting hunched over for at least an hour.

    While he allowed for Leila to take breaks, he continued to fine-tune the sketch while she was relaxing. Crossing over to where Michael was sitting, he quickly pulled her into his arms. "No, peaking, please! It's a surprise."

    "I didn't come over to peak. I came over to give you a massage." She smiled tenderly.

    "Since this is going to take me a while to finish, let's call it quits for the night. Besides, I have something special planned for us in the bedroom." He winked flirtatiously.

    When they entered the bedroom, the aroma of 'cherry blossoms' filled the air. Michael had placed several fragrant incense throughout the room, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

    "I'm gonna go take a shower, baby. when I return, we'll get started, OK?"

    Leila eyed him curiously. "Started on what Michael? And I need a shower too. May I join you?"

    "Usually I'd say yes Leila but no. You can use the shower here, and I'll use the one down the hall." He smiled sexily. "Oh, and don't bother with putting on any night-clothes. Just a robe or towel will do."

    After Leila showered, she found Michael sitting on the floor. He was setting up a game of 'Jenga' and had prepared a kettle of 'green-tea.' Feeling utterly confused, Leila took a seat beside him on the floor. Since they were staying in a traditional Japanese home, most of the furniture consisted of pillows and padding. Even the bed was made of thick padding that laid flat on the floor.

    "Would you like some tea, baby? It' taste amazing." He offered kindly.

    "Sure, sweetie, you make the best tea."

    "I'm sure you're wondering why I have a game of Jenga set-up." He chuckled.

    "No-no! I love Jenga." She smiled, pretending to be excited.

    For the past two days, Michael had barely touched her intimately. Besides kissing, holding hands, and hugging, he didn't take it much further than that. She knew it had only been 48 hours, but it was driving her crazy. She desperately craved his touch and missed feeling him inside of her.

    Clapping his hands together, he raised his eyebrows. "Good! So let's play, shall we?" He exclaimed excitedly.

    "Yaaaay, sure!" Leila replied. Her voice filled with fake enthusiasm.

    When Leila pulled the first block of wood, she noticed it had some writing on it. [Suck my earlobe.] Blinking her eyes quickly, she re-read the message and then noticed that all the blocks of wood had messages on them.

    "OK, Leila, so the way this game goes is that you have to do what the block says. The person that makes all the blocks fall has to do what the winner request. Besides that, it's played like regular Jenga."

    "Michael! You're too much! But I feel relieved... You were driving me crazy."

    "How so?"

    "By not touching me sensually or making love to me."

    "So, my plan worked, huh?"

    "Plan? What plan?"

Moving closing to Leila, Michael whispered. "That was the plan... To make you go a little crazy. Miss me... Fill you with desire. Now do what the block says." He laughed.

    Taking Michael's ear into her mouth, she twirled her warm tongue around it slowly. As she sucked it gently, a soft moan escaped his lips. "Ok, Mmm... Stop! That's enough. Only do what the block says for two minutes."

    After pulling the next block, Michael gently pushed Leila onto the floor. Opening her robe, he slowly kissed her from her neck down to her breast. "Mmm... I pulled the right block. I've wanted to do this since your sheet fell on the airplane."

    Placing her hands in his freshly cut hair, Leila winced when Michael bit her nipple lightly.

    "Getting a little kinky, huh, Mr. Jackson?"

    "Getting? I'm already there." He groaned in return.

    When Michael and Leila sat up to pull more blocks, Michael accidentally knocked over the entire game with his long legs.

    "Shit! Screw the game-- I can't take it any longer." He yelped, helping Leila up from the floor. Crushing his lips against hers, he dipped his fingers into her pussy. "Damn, I've never felt you so wet."

    Lowering himself onto his knees, he hooked Leila's right leg over his shoulder, licking her slit from top to bottom. Rotating her hips against his mouth, Leila murmured. "Michael... Mmm! Your tongue feels so incredible."

    "And you taste so amazing." He replied softly, plunging his tongue deeper inside of her. Feeling her legs become wobbly, Michael pinned her against the wall. "I'm gonna cum baby... I'm about to... Oooh, Fuck!" Leila cried out, as her wetness seeped down her inner thighs. When her body began to shake, Michael continued licking her clit until he had her begging for mercy.

    "Ah-ah! Michael! Please stop... Please. It feels amazing, but I can't... Ahhh!" She screamed when he made her cum once more.

    "Are you sure you want me to stop?" He smirked.

    "Y-Yes, Michael... I'm sure. I just need a moment to collect myself."

    "Ok, sweetheart."

    Leading her over to the bed, Leila laid down as Michael stood before her. His Cock was long and thick, dripping with precum. Lowering himself between Leila's thighs, he thrust in and out of her slowly. "Can I go deeper, baby? I need to feel every corner of you."

    "Yes, Michael-- Please... Please go as deep as you can." She replied breathlessly as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Propping himself onto his forearms, he pushed deeper inside of her. His hips moving in rhythmic circles, up and down.

    He watched Leila's breast jiggle.

    "Oh, Leila... You feel so fucking good. So tight, so warm. I can't get enough of you, sweetheart."

    When their bodies began to shudder, they moaned together in harmony.

     "Oh, Leila. Ooooh, Leila. I love you... I love you so much."

     "Yesss, Michael... I love you too, baby. My heart and body belong to you."

    Feeling completely lost inside of each other, their hearts began to beat on the same tempo. As they orgasmed simultaneously, they held onto each other tightly, as waves of pleasure pulsated throughout their bodies.

    As Michael collapsed onto Leila's body, she stroked his back gently as a teardrop ran down her cheek.

    "Tonight has been incredible. You're an amazing man, sweetie. Thank you for setting my mind, spirit, and body free. Thank you for loving me so wholly... So completely. Thank you for making me feel beautiful."

    Grasping Leila's left hand in his, Michael kissed her engagement ring gingerly while caressing her hand. As he began to speak, a teardrop fell from his eye, mixing with the one Leila cried earlier and was now resting on her cheek.

     "Cherry blossoms spring into bloom after a harsh winter. During the dark times, we must continue to nurture our love with warmth and sunlight. Like the cherry tree's, our love continues to grow. With a bit of faith and hope, our tree will soon blossom into a beautiful family of pink and white flowers."

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