Chapter 28

    "Leila... Leila baby. I'm coming! Where are you?" Michael mumbled in his sleep. He was having a nightmare. He could hear Leila crying for help but couldn't find her. After a few more minutes of searching, he felt a hand on his shoulder. [You'll never find her.] A males voice boomed, causing him to jolt awake.

    "Shit!" He yelled, quickly standing to his feet. "Leila! Leila! Are you home?" He shouted, running from room to room, looking for her. As his heart rate increased, his head began to throb badly-- Leila hadn't come home last night. He tried calling her phone again, but it went directly to voicemail.

    As he sat down to catch his breath, he recalled the sinister voice in his nightmare. "That voice... That voice. I know that voice." He spoke quietly to himself, And then it dawned on him... CALVIN!" He shouted angrily. "I'm gonna kill him! I'm going to fucking kill him."

   Hopping into his car, he drove over to Coco's house. He remembered where she lived since he picked up Leila from her place once before. At first, he thought about calling before heading over, but his brain was in overload. All he could think about was Leila being hurt by Calvin.

    [BANG-BANG] He knocked loudly on Coco's door.

    "Who in the hell is banging on my door so goddamn early in the morning!" Coco hissed, quickly approaching the door.

    Looking through the door's peep-hole, she gasped when she saw Michael standing there alone. He wasn't wearing a disguise and was nervously looking around himself in every direction. Opening the door immediately, Coco pulled him inside. "Michael-- Is everything alright? Why are you here alone? Where's Leila?" She asked curiously.

    "She didn't come home last night! I was hoping she was with you or Zina. I've been ringing her phone non-stop, but she hasn't been answering. She was supposed to call me when she got to Zina's house but never did."

   Coco replied in shock. "Oh, no! She was with us yesterday but only briefly. She told us that she wasn't feeling well and was going home."

    Michael slumped down to the floor, feeling sick to his stomach. "I know that asshole has something to do with this! I just know it!" He shouted through angry tears. "Coco... Can you direct me to Calvin's home? Maybe she's there?"

    "Sure thing Michael! Just give me a few seconds to put some shoes on, and I'll be ready to go."

    As they made their way over to Calvin's, Coco called Zina and filled her in on everything. Without even having to ask, Zina told Coco that she'd meet them there.

    When they arrived at the house, Michael stood off to the side while Coco banged on the door for five minutes straight. "Damn it! I don't think he's home... I also don't see his car parked anywhere." 

    "Hmm... Could it be in the garage?" Michael chimed.

    Sprinting to the back of the house, Coco pulled up the latch on the garage door. She was surprised to see it unlocked but also thankful at the same time so that they could piece things together. "Interesting... This is his car, but that doesn't mean much. He could have just left it behind while traveling, or it's possible someone came to pick him up."

    "Good point." Michael nodded his head in agreement.

    After returning to the front of the house, Zina came running towards them. "Is he home? Are they in there?" She spoke out of breath.

    Michael sighed. "It doesn't seem like it. No one answered when we knocked."

    "Have you been past Calvin's studio yet?" Zina inquired curiously.

    "No... Not yet. But that's where I'm headed next."

   Just before getting into his car, Michael spotted one of Leila's earrings laying on the ground along with one of Calvin's business cards. The items had fallen to the ground when Calvin was kidnaping Leila.

    "I knew it! I fucking knew it." He snarled as he jumped behind the wheel of his car.

    As he prepared to pull off, Zina and Coco came running after him. "Wait up, Michael! We'll go with you." Zina shouted.

    "No-- please! It's better that I go alone. And besides, you two should stay put just in case Leila returns." Michael spoke sternly.

    While on his way to Calvin's studio, Michael called Wayne. He needed protection since he was going out into a more populated area and feared being recognized by large crowds of people.

     "Hey Wayne, can you meet me at 6245 Vine Street? It's a recording studio called "Treble-C Productions."

    "Sure thing... I'm on my way, sir, but you have to stop sneaking out on your own. I know you're grown, but it's dangerous."

    "I know Wayne... I know. But that's neither here or there. Leila's life could be at risk. I need to find her."

    "I understand, boss... I'm on my way. Please try not to worry. We'll bring her home safely."

    After getting off the phone, Michael pulled his car over to the side of the road. Covering his face with his hands, he began to cry. "Please, God, please let her be OK. I've already lost two people that I loved deeply... I can't bear to lose Leila as well."

    [Come on, Michael! You're stronger than this. Get it together, man!] His brain retorted loudly.

    Regaining his strength, he wiped his eyes and continued driving. When he finally reached the studio, Wayne pulled his car up behind his. As they both got out of their vehicles simultaneously, they headed towards the studio door.

    Michael tried opening the door, but soon discovered it was locked. Becoming irate, he began to knock and kick on the door heavily. "Answer the motherfucking door, Calvin! I know you're in there." Michael screamed at the top of his lungs.

    Wayne placed his hand on Michael's shoulder. "Please settle-down boss... People are starting to stare."

    "I don't give a flying fuck about who stares! All I care about is Leila." Michael yelled in frustration. Immediately feeling bad about how he spoke to Wayne, Michael apologized. He had never cursed at him like that before.

    "It's alright, Mike. I understand... But you gotta remain focused. Are you sure Calvin and Leila are even here?

    Michael sighed. "I'm not certain they are here specifically, but I know for sure Leila is with him. I found evidence of that outside of Calvin's home."

    As Michael and Wayne continued knocking on the door, Calvin became alarmed when he heard the faint banging coming from upstairs.

    Curious to know who was at the door making such a loud ruckus, Calvin turned on the studio's CCTV camera. "Aww, how sweet. Michael Jackson came with his sidekick to save his little girlfriend... Oops, I meant whore." Calvin scoffed irritatedly. "What does he think this is? One of his music videos where he saves the girl? Man... Give me a break!"

    Ripping the duct tape off of Leila's mouth, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked it backward. "Why, Leila? Of all the men you could have slept with, why him? Do you know how much fucking money you made me lose out on?"

    Leila cried. "Calvin, please... Please stop! You're hurting me."

    "Aww, really? Well, you need to toughen up baby because I'm just getting started."

    Pulling a gun out of his back pocket, Calvin pressed it against the side of her head. "Now listen to me, Leila-- if you so much as breathe too loudly, I'll blow your fucking head off! Got me?"

    Being afraid to speak, Leila simply nodded her head up and down. Placing the duct tape back over her mouth, Calvin untied her from the chair. "Don't run Leila... I'm warning you right now. If you try to escape, Michael will find you lying here drowning in your blood."

    Taking Leila by the hand, he led her to the front of the studio. Calvin knew it wouldn't be long until Michael called the cops, so he needed to make a run for it. "OK, Leila, when I open this door, I want you to stay close to me and walk quickly towards my car."

    Looking out of the studio's window, Calvin looked around for Michael and Wayne but didn't see them. Deciding to make a run for it, Calvin pressed the gun against Leila's back as they exited the studio.

    As Calvin was pushing Leila inside the car, Michael and Wayne appeared from around the corner. They had gone to the back of the studio to see if there was a way they could break in quietly without bringing attention to themselves.

    When Michael saw Calvin pushing Leila into the car, he ran towards them at lightning speed. "Leila Leila!" He yelled loudly, but it was too late.

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