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Michael Jackson's Thriller is #1on Billboard's R&B Digital Song Sales Chart!

Michael Jackson on the set of his short film "Thriller."

As you all know, MJ Fam has been streaming "Thriller" hard in these streets for the #ThrillerChallenge2 with hopes of landing Michael at a peak position on Billboards Hot 100 Chart! However, it'll be a week or so until we learn the full results of the fruits of our labor—but there is something we can celebrate now! Michael Jackson's "Thriller" has landed the #1 spot on Billboard's R&B Digital Song Sales Chart! The only other time Michael has landed the top spot (on this particular chart) was with the song "Don't Matter to Me," which is fronted by the rapper Drake and featured Michael Jackson's vocals as a posthumous single release. Thriller is one of Michael's six top tens that has been on Billboard's Digital Song Sales Chart—mainly due to it being introduced in 2005 when Michael wasn't actively releasing music. Per Luminate tracking, “Thriller” has sold over 2,400 copies in the past tracking period. Although the following isn't Billboard Charts, Thriller landed the #1 spot on Apple Music's Global & USA Charts, and it went to #1 on the Global iTunes Chart! Thriller has also charted very highly on a variety of music app charts, such as Amazon and Spotify, which gives us a good idea of how well he will do on the Billboard Hot 100! If Thriller makes it in the top 10, Michael will create HIStory by being the only artist to have a top 10 song in 6 consecutive decades!


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