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Trial by Media: The Michael Jackson Story

This upcoming Saturday, March 26th, 2022—MJ fans, advocates, and supporters will attempt to trend a new and forthcoming documentary about the 'dehumanization of Michael Jackson' by Jin Chohan. Per Jin's gofundme page, the documentary will be an investigation into how the media has treated "The Michael Jackson Story" and has it been fair. As of today, Jin has raised £14,895 with a goal of £20,000.

This Saturday will also kick off a donation drive for the documentary as well. If you are able, please help fellow fans trend #TrialByMediaMJ

*** For more information about the attempt to trend #TrialByMediaMJ—and the link to the documentaries gofundme page, please check out the following links:

*** Time-zones for tweeting ***

A bit more about "Trial by Media: The Michael Jackson Story" posted per the updates section of Jin's gofundme page:

This documentary I decided to make was off the success of one I made previously designed for YouTube. I felt this story needs to be told and we all deserve a fair trial, whether it be in the court of public opinion or in a court room. I feel very strongly about this issue as it is a reflection of all our liberty if one person can be seen in two different lights in such extremity. ~ Jin Chohan

If you haven't already, check out these amazing trailers of the documentary:

A couple of days ago, Jin also shared a clip (via his twitter page @jin_chohan) of him interviewing, American Journalist for the Associated Press, Linda Deutsch. During the 2005 trial and after, Ms. Deutsch was the fairest in her reporting of Michael Jackson and the case. During a sit down with Michael Levine on his show, "Without otes," Linda said the following about the case:

“The whole thing was a debacle, and it should have never been tried.” ~ Linda Deutsch (American Journalist/AP Trial Reporter)

Ms. Deutsch also stated that when the trial was over, Michael thanked her for being kind to him because no one else was. She said they were all out to get him.

If you'd like to check out more of the interview in which Linda Deutsch discusses her experiences covering the Michael Jackson trial, please check out the following video:

In closing, we all saw what the "Square One" documentary did for Michael and how it educated people who didn't know the court documented facts about the false allegations, extortion attempts, the belligerent media, etc. So, we fans need to support these fantastic projects that expose the lies and tell of Michael's innocence. And though some of us might not be able to donate large sums of money, even just $5.00 makes a difference, a tweet, or just good ole' plain sharing on social media.

Here's The direct link to "Trial by Media: The Michael Jackson Story" gofundme page:

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