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What's your favorite unreleased track from Thriller 40? (and more Thriller 40 updates!)

Hey All!

I hope that everyone is well and is enjoying "Thriller 40!" Please, continue to buy, stream and request songs from Thriller 40 on the radio! Right now, Target has a 2-for-1 deal! So, buy a few and give them as stocking stuffers for the holidays to friends and family! And because Thriller 40 is a double disc, it counts as two sales! Right now, Thriller 40 is projected to come in at #6 on the Billboard charts, but we can get it higher than that if we all continue to stream the album through music platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music, etc.

And if you can, please join the Thriller 40 Streaming Parties hosted by various MJ fam DJs on the StationHead App. Once again, I had the honor to DJ, and we had a blast! Joining the streaming parties on StationHead is a great way to amass a lot of streams in a short time! And with that being said, Tonight's Thriller 40 Streaming Party (6 pm to 11 pm EST) on StationHead is hosted by Mellie4Justice, and her special guest is Siedah Garret—The incredible singer, songwriter, etc., who worked with Michael Jackson and many other great artists! You Definitely don't want to miss it! It's gonna be amazing! You can tune into Mellie's Stationhead channel at the following link:

P.S. "If you haven't done so or need further instruction on how the StationHead app works, please read the following article:

So, lots of exciting things are happening in the MJ world! We now have the Thriller and Beat it video's in 4k, and they are amazing! If you haven't checked those out yet, please do so! They are up on Youtube! Make sure to change your Youtube video settings to the highest quality! There are so many details in the videos that we haven't seen til recently because the quality is so clear! And ahem! Michael Jackson's beauty and foiness are on full display!

Since Thriller 40 was released, I've had it on repeat! I love all of the demos and unreleased tracks! One of my top favorite unreleased tracks is the song "Who do you know?" Michael's enunciation of "Her" on that track is top-tier! Lol. But seriously, I love the melody, harmonies, and layers. I can envision in my mind the stories MJ conveys through song. Mike got me all in my feelings!

And my second favorite song is "What a lovely way to go." I love the sweet and contagious chorus of the track! it's a beautiful arrangement—The beatboxing, the piano, the shouts, bam's, and Mike's crisp finger snaps. His vocals are lovely & raw. I love that vocal inflection on the lyric, "Everything I do!

So, what's your favorite unreleased Thriller 40 track?


Midnight 💜🌛

P.S. "Please excuse any typos and brevity in this post. I had to write this up quickly! lol! Holidays are upon us, and it's a busy time! But I wanted to write up a Blog post!"

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