Pt. 2 of 3

    "Hello, I would like to book a session at your establishment," he said shyly but confident.

    "And who would you like to be your master, hun?"

    "Um... I was interested in Symoné. Is she available?"

    Typing loudly on her keyboard, the receptionist scheduled a phone interview between him and their top BDSM master.

    "You're all set, Mr. Jackson! Expect a phone call from Symoné tonight. Once you've interviewed her and decide if she's the right pick, we'll set up an appointment for you at your home—or you can visit one of our many pleasure boudoirs," she politely informed.

    After getting off the phone, Michael let out a shaky breath. He couldn't believe what he was doing. Ever since reading an article on BDSM, he couldn't get it out of his mind, so he searched out a reputable business that served celebrity clientele—one that would provide complete anonymity. And although he could get sex whenever he wanted, he just didn't feel like getting involved with anyone after his breakup with Phylicia. Sure, he could always have sex with no strings attached but that never ended well for him. Rest assured, the women he slept with still managed to fall in love with him and that's not what he wanted. He was seeking something more stimulating, something more adventurous. He needed a professional. Someone who wasn't going to judge him or turn their nose up at his erotic desires.

    Later that night, as he awaited Symoné's call, he decided to have a glass of wine. He was feeling a little nervous and needed something to take the edge off.                    

    After downing a glass of 'Romanee-Conti', he began to loosen up. 

    As he was pouring himself a second glass of the decadent wine, his phone rang. "Hello?" He answered in a deep tone of voice."

    "Is this Mr. Jackson?" Symoné asked curiously, unsure if she had the correct number.

    "This is he." Michael chuckled nervously.

    "Interesting. I've never known your voice to be so deep."

    Michael smirked. "There's a lot of things people don't know about me."

    "Mmm... Pray tell Monsieur Jackson," Symoné uttered seductively.

    "In due time Mademoiselle. In due time, "he replied silkily in his best French accent.

    As moisture pooled between Symoné's thighs, she moaned softly. It had been no less than five minutes and Michael already had her turnt by the mere sound of his voice. "I'm in trouble," she thought silently to herself. Being a dominatrix, she usually held the upper hand but clearly, Michael was proving to be a challenge already. He had her weak and filled with desire. She was feeling things that no man had been able to conjure up inside of her in years.

    Leaning back into his chair, Michael closed his eyes. His dick throbbing, he ran his hand across his hard length. He couldn't resist. He wanted Symoné to do things to him that he'd never experienced before and soon. "So when can you come over? I'd prefer to do this at my place where I'm more comfortable."

     "How about this Tuesday? It's the only available slot I have for the week."

    "How about now? I can have my driver pick you up in an hour or so."

    "No need for that Mr. Jackson. I'd prefer to drive myself but thank you. And Hmm... I don't mind coming over now but wouldn't you like to ask me more questions? This is your first time and all."

    "No-no. I prefer in-person interaction, we can get to know each other better once you're here."

    "And what if I'm not a good match for you?"

    "Then we'll find out soon enough. See you later Symoné."

    After hanging up with Symoné, Michael called the agency to officially book his appointment. It was a fairly quick and simple process. The receptionist laid down some rules for him to follow, collected payment, and wished him well.

    As Michael prepared for Symoné's arrival, he tidied up his condo and lit a few incense to set a more relaxing mood. He knew this wasn't a date or anything, but he still wanted to be a gentleman.

    When Symoné arrived at Michael's condo, he licked his lips in anticipation of what was to come. He was eager to get started but also feeling a bit apprehensive. Asides from tugging on a woman's hair while fucking her, he didn't veer too far from having sex in a non-traditional sense.

    "Thank you for coming over on such short notice. Can I get you something to drink?" He inquired politely.

    "It's quite alright Mr. Jackson... And champagne would be great if you have it."

    Michael smiled. "One glass of champagne coming right up. Please make yourself at home."

    As Symoné took a seat on the sofa, her body was burning with desire for him. He was the first man who had such an effect on her body. "This was going to be a problem," she thought. 

    Returning with her drink, Michael proposed a short toast. "To tonight."

    "To tonight." Symoné echoed.

    Without taking his eyes off of her, he downed his glass of champagne in one gulp. As his dick pressed tightly against his pants, goosebumps formed on his skin. Never had a woman held such power over him. He was ready for her.

    Moving closer towards him, Symoné whispered in his ear. "So what are you into Mr. Jackson? Any kinks?"

    "Hmm, let me think about that. I've never been asked that question before." He chuckled deep.

    "No rush to answer. And if you don't know what they are now, we'll find out soon enough."

    As Symoné removed her coat, Michael's eye's wandered over her entire body. 

    He hissed. "Damn."

    Symoné laughed. "Like what you see?"

    "Like is an understatement—are you ready to begin?"

    "I love your eagerness, Mr.Jackson. I'm ready to start whenever you are."

    "I'm ready Symoné."

    As if on cue, Symoné's entire demeanor changed. She was now in control, or so she thought. 

    After removing a tasseled whip from her bag, she unbuttoned his shirt. "From here on out, you're only to refer to me as Mistress, understood?"

    Michael nodded. "Yes, Mistress. I understand."

    "Good boy! You catch on quick." She smiled sexily.

    Running the tassel over his chest, Symoné explained how the night would go. Her aim as a BDSM master was to give intense pleasure and if her client wasn't enjoying themselves, she'd stop immediately.

    "Tonight I'll be doing many things to you, Michael. If at any time I do something that you don't like—or you would simply like for me to stop—just call me by my real name, Ok? This is our safe word."

    His nipples growing hard, he replied with a quiver, "Yes, Mistress."

    "When I ask you to do something, Michael, I expect you to do it. If you don't then you'll be punished. But don't worry... It'll be pleasurable."

    As she placed a black leather collar with a connecting chain around his neck, he gulped. "Mistress, what is this for?"

    "This collar indicates our relationship so to speak. I'm your mistress and you're my subordinate—this helps me to train and control you. Do I have permission to control you, Michael? Are you willing to turn over your rights and desires to me?"

    He breathed deep. "Yes, Mistress. I'm yours completely."

    Tugging gently on his collar, Symoné commanded him to take her to his bedroom. Once inside, she removed several items from her bag that would aid her in thrilling him beyond his senses. 

    As Symoné placed a small kiss on his lips, he ran his hands over her nipples. The black leather leotard she wore with cut-outs around her breast and crotch was one of the most erotic outfits he'd ever seen.

    When he softly rubbed her pussy, she quickly brushed his hand away. "Uh-uh, you're only allowed to touch me when I tell you to do so. Understand?"

    "Yes Mistress, I understand," he uttered quietly. 

    Standing with her legs spread apart, Symoné traced her finger over his lips and said, "I want you to lick my pussy, Michael... Nice and slow."

    Immediately lowering himself to his knees, he buried his hot tongue inside of her aching womanhood. "Mmm, you taste so fucking good, Mistress. So soft... So wet... How does it feel?" he said hoarsely between licks.

    "Damn it, I should have commanded him not to speak," Symoné thought to herself as Michael's words were sending her over the edge.

    When Michael quickened his pace, Symoné tugged on his leash. "I thought I told you to go nice and slow?"

    "I'm sorry Mistress."

    "Sorry doesn't cut it, Michael. Get your ass on the bed now! Lay down on your back."

    As Symoné pulled his trousers off, his dick sprung free. He was hard, large, and lengthy. She couldn't wait to taste him, but first, she needed to punish him.

    "Stroke your dick for me Michael. I want you to stroke it until I say stop. But don't cum until I tell you to do so."

    "But Symoné... How can I control tha-"

    Cutting him off abruptly, Symoné slapped his chest with her whip. "No buts Michael. Do as I say."

    Running his hand slowly over his cock, a drop of precum trickled down its side. As he rubbed his tip, he moaned softly. "Mistress, please. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out."

    "Michael, since you're new to this, I'll take pity upon you. Just a few more minutes baby and I'll reward you."

    As Symoné watched Michael pleasure himself, she softly kissed his inner thighs. She could tell he was on the verge of cumming but was trying his hardest not to give in. "Mistress, please. I need to feel your lips. Please taste me," he groaned painfully.

"Hmm... Let me think about it. " Symoné laughed wickedly.

    "Mistress, please... I'm begging you, " he cried out, as beads of sweat rolled down his face.

    "OK, Michael. You can stop now," Symoné spoke tenderly, wiping sweat from his face.

    Gently placing her hand around his dick, she licked his tip slow and delicately. His taste was sweet and his smell was intoxicating.

    Tossing his head backward, he moaned loudly. "Ooooh shit! That feels so fucking good Mistress. Suck me, please. Take me all the way in."

    "Wow! Who knew you liked talking dirty?" She replied in surprise.

    "Mmm... Is it turning you on, Mistress? Do you like hearing me speak this way?"

    "Yes, Michael... I do." She whimpered, as she felt her legs go numb.

    Quickly regaining control over her body, Symoné took Michael completely into her mouth. 

    As she twirled her tongue around his shaft, Michael began to buck his hips upwards and said, "I'm cumming Mistress. Please don't stop... Your mouth feels incredible."

    As waves of pleasure pulsated throughout his entire body, he bit down on his bottom lip. 

    When his hot seed spilled into her mouth, she drank and licked every drop. "You taste exquisite, Michael."

    "I'm happy to hear that Mistress. Can I taste you too?"

    "Hmm, only If you're a good boy—then I might consider it."

    Deciding to tease Michael even further, Symoné placed a blindfold over his eyes and restrained him to the bed. She wanted to see just how much he could take before begging her for mercy once more. As she stood before him, she licked her lips in appreciation of the beautiful work of art before her. He was most definitely the sexiest man she had ever seen. Tall with lean muscles, big strong hands, and a deliciously huge cock. She couldn't wait to ride him. "Is it ok if I place this in your mouth, Michael?"

    "What is it?

    "It's a 'ball gagger.' It'll keep you from speaking—rendering you completely helpless to me. And since you won't be able to talk. If our play gets to be a bit too much for you, quickly turn your head from side to side and that'll be my cue to stop. Understand?"

    "Yes, Symoné. I mean Mistress. Fuck! Are you going to punish me again?"

    "Michael... Tsk tsk. I'm your Mistress, remember? You can only say my name if you feel unsafe or want me to stop."

    "So, I take it you're going to punish me again?"

    "Yes, sweetheart, I am. And much much more than before."

    Before placing the gagger inside of his mouth, Symoné kissed him deeply. She didn't usually kiss clients full on the lips but there was something different about him. "Damn it Symoné! You're not giving your power over to him, are you?" Her brain scolded loudly.

    Swiftly returning to her sense of self—for it was she who was in charge and not him, she placed the ball gagger into his mouth. Once it was firmly in place, she tied it from behind and hissed. "Mmm. Take a deep breath baby. Things are about to get wild."

    After softly kissing his neck, Symoné traced her tongue over the entire length of his soft, sweaty, and warm body. 

    "Mmmmm hmmmm." Michael groaned deep.

    "You look so hot Michael. So fucking sexy... submissive... Helpless under my control," Symoné replied through bated breaths as she licked and sucked his perky nipples.

    Spreading his legs apart, she kissed his inner thighs. His dick was now oozing with pre-cum waiting for release.

    Climbing atop him, she lowered herself onto his shaft. "Oooh! Fuck," she exclaimed softly.

    His heart now beating rapidly, he gripped her hips with his large hands. As she began rocking her hips slowly, she repeatedly called out his name. "Michael, Michael, Michael!"

    "Mmm-hmm," he moaned loudly in return since he couldn't speak. He loved the way she took control of his body—he couldn't get enough of her. But at the same time, he also wanted to take control of her. He wanted to reverse roles.

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