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    When Symoné removed the 'ball gagger' from Michael's mouth, he licked his lips slowly, curving them into a sexy smile. "That was incredible Mistress. I've never experienced something so erotic, so hot."

    "Mmm... So, are you enjoying all of this? You're more open than I thought you'd be."

    Wiggling his hands against the restraints, Michael smirked. "As I told you before, there's a lot about me that people don't know."

    "Praytell Monsieur Jackson," Symoné whispered against his ear, licking it slowly.

    "Untie me and I'll show you, Symoné."

    "You must really like being punished don't you?"

    "I do." He grinned. "I love your punishment." 

    Throwing caution to the wind, Symoné freed him of his restraints. Her body was growing weak for him, she craved him. For once in a long time, she wanted a man to take control of her.

    Slipping his fingers into her pussy, he rubbed her clit teasingly, as she hovered over him. 

    "I want to taste you, sweetheart. Can I?" Michael mumbled softly against her neck.

    "Yes, Michael, you can," she whimpered in return.

    Flipping Symoné onto her back, he spread her legs apart. Her pussy was dripping wet, begging to be licked by him.

    "Take off your outfit please, I want to see all of you," he gently commanded.

    Once she was completely naked, Michael grabbed one of her pleasure tools—a feather tickler.

    Starting at the dip of her neck, he slowly traced the tickler between her breast down to her mound. As he slowly brushed the tickler over her pussy, she bucked her hips upwards.

    "How does that feel Symoné, am I doing it right?" he spoke low and sexy, enjoying her reaction to his teasing.

    "Oooh... Fuck yeah. That feels incredible. I've never had this used on me before."

    Michael smirked. "Well, I'm happy to be your first."

    Tossing the tickler aside, he spread her open. As his warm breath tickled her box, her breath hitched in anticipation. 

    Michael licked his lips and then flicked her clit with his hot tongue. "Mmm... You taste so good mon, Cheri."

    Symoné giggled between moans. "Do you speak fluent French, Mr. Jackson?"

    "No, I don't. But I know a few phrases. Do you?"

    "I studied abroad in Paris for a year while in college. My French isn't perfect but it's decent."

    "You sound so sexy. Feel free to speak in French anytime, Symoné. It turns me on." Michael inhaled deeply, kissing her inner thighs. As he held her hands in place against the mattress, he pleasured her senseless. With each glide of his tongue, she moaned uncontrollably. 

    Nearing the edge of a powerful orgasm, Symoné whimpered breathlessly. "Tu me rends fou, mon amour!"

    Though Michael had no clue of what she said, he knew it was something good based upon the sound of her voice. As he continued to stroke her clit with his tongue, he inserted two fingers inside of her aching pussy, causing her to shrill in delight.

    "Damn, Michael! You weren't joking when you said-- ahhhhhhhh!"

    "When I said what Symoné?" he asked, as he curved his fingers upwards, knowing full well that he had rendered her speechless.

    As he sucked her clit, he caressed her breast with his free hand while he kept up with his sensual and sometimes dirty talk. "Please cum for me, sweetie.  I'm in charge now. I want you to squirt for me."

    "Squirt? What do you know about squirting, Michael?"

    He laughed. "I keep telling you... There's a lot you don't know about me. Now cum for me, baby."

    "Oooh... Fuck, fuck, fuck!" she cried loudly, as a surge of warm liquid shot out of her pussy into his mouth.

    "Mmm." He moaned, as her body quaked forcibly.

    After removing his mouth from her mound, he placed himself between her thighs as he kissed her slow and deep on the lips. "You taste so sweet Symoné. Doesn't it taste good?"

    "Mmm... Yes, baby. It does," she groaned. Out of the many times she had received oral, she had never tasted herself on a man's lips.

    Eyeing her curiously, he asked. "Have you ever squirted before?"

    "No, Michael. I haven't, " she answered truthfully. She was always the giver of pleasure, no man had ever made her lose control in such a way. No man had ever made her feel the way Michael had.

    Pulling her atop him, he chuckled and said, "so I guess I'm talented, huh?"

    "Yes, Mr. Jackson, you are. You're an incredible giver of pleasure. But um, If you don't mind me asking, what made you want a BDSM experience?"

    Michael huffed. "My girlfriend... Well, my ex-girlfriend. She never wanted to try anything different. Not just intimately but in general. She wouldn't even allow me to give her a soft smack on the ass."

    "You know, that sounds delightful right about now." Symoné purred. "I haven't had someone smack my ass in years." 

    Taking her by surprise, Michael tapped her behind lightly with his strong but delicate hand.

    "Ack, Michael!" She squealed.

    "Do you like that?"

    "Of course I do. But my only suggestion is that you do it a bit harder next time."

    Capturing her lips in a kiss, he spanked her harder, causing her to moan into his mouth.

    "Thanks for allowing me to do that." He chuckled softly.

    "I should be thanking you. Tonight has been incredible, Michael. I uh, I hope this doesn't sound too forward—but maybe we can make this a regular thing?"

    "No, It doesn't sound too forward. And yes... I'd like that. I know you went pretty easy on me tonight but I'd love to explore BDSM even further."

    "Hmm. I have an idea. It's been a long time since I have had a 24/7 submissive—and the rules will be strict. Are you sure?"

    "Yes, I'm sure. Just tell me what to do Mistress and I'll do it." He smiled, easily slipping back into his role.

    "Ok Michael, but it won't be like tonight. It'll be more intense and I won't lose control this time. You'll have to be at my beck and call every day and every night."

    "I understand Mistress. When do we start?"

    Pressing her fingers to his lips, she smirked and said, "now."


    The End. 

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