Who's Is It? 
"A Collection of Erotic MJ Stories" (Book Title List)

By Midnight August Moon

This collection is filled with hot, sexy, and spicy stories starring Michael Jackson in many different eras. Though these stories are short, they do contain multiple characters and plots. So kick back, put on some slow jamz, and get lost in a world full of intimacy and desire with the one and only, ‘King of Pop.’

Genre: Erotica

Warning: Adult Content | 18+ Only!

@ Copyright 2020 MidnightAugustMoon

(This book is on-going and will be updated with new stories periodically.)

Who's is it  - Erotic Michael Jackson Fan Fiction

P.Y.T. (Leila)


Brief Story Description


After giving a show-stopping performance, Michael becomes captivated by a stunning woman he eyes in the lobby of the hotel where he's been staying during a stop on the Victory tour.

Era: Thriller / Victory Tour

Parts: 1 


P.Y.T (Leila) - Sexy MJ Fan Fiction

Georgia Peach


Brief Story Description

Touring is tough—and the last thing Michael wants to do is socialize after sweating his ass off on stage. But when his entourage invites him to hang-out, he surprisingly accepts their invitation and finds himself in the presence of a sexy and intriguing dancer. 

Era: Bad

Parts: 3 


Set Me Free: Who's really in control?


Michael is a man of many wonderful surprises—and he's looking to quench his curious desires.

Era: Dangerous

Parts: 3 


Set Me Free: Erotic MJ Fan Fiction