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Midnight August Moon - MJ Fanfiction

"I'm a hopeless romantic who enjoys writing and reading drama-filled love stories laced with steamy scenes." ~ Midnight

Hello! Welcome to my labor of love! My passion project! 
My name is Midnight August Moon, and I'm a Black Contemporary Romance and Michael Jackson Fan Fiction Novelist. The genres I write in are Adult—"Black/African-American" MJ Fanfiction, Romance, Erotica, and various romance subgenres.

Whew! Now that we've gotten formalities out of the way, the following is a guide to my website, how I got into writing, and the projects I have planned for the future. 
First, as if you couldn't tell from my web site's name and cover page, I'm a major Michael Jackson admirer! Many moons ago (because a lady doesn't divulge her age), I used to write short Michael Jackson fanfics. Ultimately, my goal has always been to write full, multi-chapter Michael Jackson stories, and now, here we are 22 years later—I've had the pleasure of writing four Michael Jackson romance novels and a few MJ short stories. 
Ok, so I know you're wondering why I call them Michael Jackson Romance Novels and not fanfiction? (which they are.) Well, simply put, I feel the term fanfiction is limiting. Many fanfiction works fall into many genres, and I want readers to know my stories' genre before they dive in. So, with that being said, I'd just like readers to know that I'm serving fun, romantic, drama-filled, steamy stories about the one and only "King Of Pop."
Ever since I can remember, I've always loved reading and writing. I took a few creative writing courses in college but hadn't written a story over five chapters. Then, out of the blue, about two years ago, I discovered Wattpad and published my first story there. And to be honest, I don't even remember how I found the place. But, I'm sure it was because I was searching for a spot to publish my story. 
And though I loved posting my stories to other writing platforms, I wanted a home of my own. Currently, I'm in the process of uploading all of my stories to my website. So please be on the lookout for those! I'm hoping to have all of my stories uploaded here by the end of April 2021. However, I do have several stories posted—1 full-length novel, 1 novelette, 4 short stories, and 1 ebook to be exact! Please be sure to check those out and fully explore this website. 

But, back to why I love writing. I've always been a lover of romance novels and have read many. I especially love erotic romance. Listen, I'm grown, and sex is incredible—but I also love me a great love story as well. Give me romance, love, and sex—and I'm hooked! So, naturally, due to my love of steamy romance stories, that's what I write! Yes, sexy romance stories featuring my spiritual husband—Michael Jackson. I mean, Michael was sexy, and I love celebrating that. He was a beautiful man with an even more beautiful heart, and as he once sang: "I'll be your story hero, a serenading rhyme,"—I want to give him that in my stories.  
In addition to my love for writing MJ romance novels, I also plan to write non-MJ Black Contemporary romances and erotic stories. I love creating characters, worlds, and situations in general. Even in my MJ romance novels, I create different worlds for Michael. It's fun writing him in  exciting "alternative universes," or would I like to call it—"Michael in the movies!" But I also love writing stories where I take details and real situations of Michael's life and intertwine them in a fictional universe. I also make sure to include a bit of Michael's real personality, albeit I do embellish it a little—for entertainment reasons, of course. Still, I love his real personality. Michael was an intriguing man with many layers. I love writing him as if he might have been when the cameras weren't rolling, and he was just being himself. And again, it's fiction—I'm just having fun. Even Michael became a different character in his "short-films," aka music videos. 
Besides publishing my Michael Jackson Fanfiction stories, I'm also planning a few more MJ-related and writing projects that I'll post via this site. I'm so very excited about it all! 
Well, I don't want to write a story here, lol! So, I'll wrap this up. Thanks for visiting my website, my baby, my passion project—my home! Keep watch on my blog! The blog is where I post the latest news regarding the new stories I'm writing—and when they will be published on the site.  Additionally, I post lots of Michael Jackson content to the blog and a multitude of other topics I find interesting—or I feel a need to speak on.

But, all in all, I want to share my stories. So, if you're a lover of Michael Jackson, romance, drama, erotica, and steamy lovemaking, please do check out my books. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.