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Further Michael Jackson Reading, Learning, and Research.

Further Michael Jackson Reading

If you want to expand your Michael Jackson knowledge, learn the truth about the false allegations, or discover more MJ content and Fanfics by other amazing creators and writers, then please check out the links below! Here, I will list many links that will provide various resources and information about Mr. Michael Jackson.

Square One: Michael Jackson

(On Amazon Prime)

***Watch and learn the truth!***

Square One is a documentary that investigates the first-ever 1993 allegations against Michael Jackson. It strategically uncovers new evidence and information through interviews with people closest to the case. These interviews showcase never-before-heard public statements from witnesses, Michael Jackson’s nephew, and legal assistant to the prosecutor in ‘93.

~ Description via Danny Wu, The Directors official YouTube account where you can watch the documentary for free:

The Michael Jackson Allegations

The Michael Jackson Allegations website gives a comprehensive review about the allegations leveled against Michael Jackson. It goes into great detail and gives full context of the allegations, the accusers, what the accusers actually alleged, and how the allegations emerged. One can also find full court transcripts of Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial where he was acquitted on all counts. The website is a must-read—and debunks myths regularly circulated by Michael Jackson detractors.

Humanitarian - The Real Michael Jackson

In the year 2000, Michael Jackson was listed into the Guinness book of world records for breaking the world record for the "Most Charities Supported by a Pop Star“ an achievement that was accomplished by a lifetime of tireless dedication, yet a little-known fact that has been overshadowed by years of fiction. In a world first, author Paul Dwyer takes a look into the every-day world of Michael Jackson, stripping away the rumors, the media and the mayhem to take an in-depth look at the man.
~ Excerpt of the book's description listed on Amazon.

LottsofMJJLove - (MJ Fan Fiction)

(Highly recommended! LottsofMJJLove's stories are amazing! She's also a great friend of mine! Lotsofmjjlove has been an MJ Fan Fiction author for over 10 years and is the author of an amazing series titled "Dear Michael"—a collection of books that follow her characters, Michael and Shayla-Elizabeth Jackson, across every era of Michael Jackson's life.

@Naniscas - (MJ Fan Fiction)

(I can't sing enough praises for this magnificent writer! She's a treasured friend of mine, and I absolutely adore her stories—they are captivating and beautifully written. @naniscas has been a writer for many years and is the author of phenomenal stories such as "The Color Orange" and "Symphonies in Sepia." 

Dangerous PYT - (MJ Fan Fiction)

(This is a Michael Jackson Fan Fiction site that has been online for over 10 years! Dangerous PYT has a variety of stories to choose from that'll keep you reading into the wee hours of the morning.)

MJ Fan Girl

(Fan resource for MJ related travel tips, merchandise reviews, & fan experience vlogs. MJ Fangirl is a sweet and wonderful person that I've had the pleasure of knowing in the MJ Fan community for many years.)

Jetzi - Michael Jackson Video/DVD

(Jetzi's website is a blast from the past and I'm so happy it's still around! This wonderful website has been online for over 20 years! It used to be and still is—my go to spot for rare MJ Video's, interviews, commercials, and more!)


The Black Jackson Estate

(Celebrating the Life and Artistry of Michael Jackson from a black millennial perspective.) 


The "Black Jackson Estate" Podcast is my absolute favorite Michael Jackson podcast! As a black woman and a millennial myself, it's a great change of pace to hear an MJ podcast by a group of people that I bond with culturally—whom of which I also got the chance to meet in person. The BJE podcast is intelligent, fun, and heartfelt! But be prepared; they will also have you crying tears—they are hilarious in a good way! And a certain MJ Fanfic author has been on a couple of their podcasts. Hint, hint). So, please check out their show! I know you'll love it. Please peep their podcast on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Podcasts.


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