A Guide To My Books

Please be sure to check out the following sections of this website for an array of my Michael Jackson Fanfiction Stories:

Michael Jackson Fan Fiction | MJ Romance | Break O' Dawn Club (breakodawnclub.com)

Michael Jackson Fan Fiction |​ Seven Digits | Break O' Dawn Club (breakodawnclub.com)

Erotic MJ Fan Fiction | Who's Is It? | Break O' Dawn Club (breakodawnclub.com)

When reading my stories, please keep the following in mind:

#1. My books are written & intended for adults only. 
#2. Have an open mind when reading my books. 
#3. Please read the book's description in its entirety.
#4. In my MJ Romance Novels AKA MJ Fanfiction — Michael Jackson isn't always famous. 
#5. With each book I write, my writing skills are continuously improving. Don't expect perfection. However, the stories are legible and I've worked very hard on them.

(The following disclaimer applies to my Michael Jackson Fanfiction Works and Every Book/Story written by me.)

All of my stories and characters are fictitious. Various people, celebrities, places, and events may/or may not have been changed to fit the writer's artistic view, but the characters involved are completely imaginary. Though Michael Jackson is the lead character in my stories, they are not a true reflection of him—it's just fiction. While I do try to intertwine real-life events, people, places, and a bit of Michael's real-life persona in my writing, they are not accurate portrayals of him or the events mentioned by any means.