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1 Part Story
(Warning: Mature Content | 18+ Only!)


     February 1983
    "You can't be serious!" Michael huffed, his mouth agape, as his long fingers hovered over the Harrison 32C mixing console inside 'Studio A' of Westlake Studios. "That's this Sunday—Valentine's Day!"
    "So what?" His manager, Freddy DeMann, replied nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders.
    "So what? Michael narrowed his eyes and shot back, his voice going up a register. "I have plans to spend Valentine's Day with my girlfriend! That's what!"
    "Well, cancel them! The record label wants you to attend the Grammy Awards with Jayne Kennedy . . . You know, the hot model and actress."
    Michael paused. "Isn't she married?"
    "Recently divorced."
    "Well, Regardless. I'm not interested. I just completed my album—and I'm looking forward to spending a romantic evening at home with Liana. I don't even know how she's put up with me these last eight months. I've been in the studio non-stop . . . I'm surprised she hasn't broken up with me.   
    "Listen, Mike. I understand you have a girlfriend and all, but your album is finally rising on the charts. This is just for promotion. You've been in the business long enough to know how this all works."
    Michael scowled. "Yes, I do. And I can't entirely agree with it. The label can set me up on fake dates, but yet I have to tiptoe around with my real girlfriend."
    "Thriller is well on its way to becoming number one, and we want to keep it that way! You've worked so hard on it. Come on! Just this one time to stir up some extra excitement for the album."
    "Extra excitement, you say . . . I have several short-film projects lined up along with a few performances and appearances—that should be enough!" Michael retorted and then rose to his feet. "I'm sorry, Freddy, but I can't agree to this."

    Later that day

   "Hey, baby!" Liana squealed, sitting upright. "I wasn't expecting you so soon. How'd the studio session go?"
    Taking a seat beside her on the couch, Michael fell back against the plush pillows, A look of disdain appearing on his face as he looked up towards the ceiling. "All was going great until my manager showed up."
    "Oh, God! What does Freddy want you to do now?" She muttered, placing a soft kiss on his cheek. Liana knew all too well the demands of Hollywood. As a former child star turned successful actress, she held the greatest sympathy for Michael.
    "He wants me to attend the Grammys," Michael grumbled.
    "So, what's so bad about that? Are you nominated in any categories? If that's the case—I don't see why you're upset? You've worked very hard on Thriller. You should be elated!"
    Michael banged the back of his head against the couch and sighed. "No. I'm not nominated. The album came out last December. It's not qualified for nomination until later next year."
    "Sorry, baby. I don't know how any of that goes. I'm pretty clueless on how the music industry works."
    Cupping her face, he closed his eyes and kissed her full and luscious lips. They had been dating for over a year, and Michael felt she was the best thing that ever happened to him. She knew the emotional turmoil that came with being a celebrity and was a great support to him. She was a great listener, and he could always count on her to make him smile.
    As Michael placed a trail of kisses along every inch of Liana's rich, Sienna brown skin, he lowered her onto the couch until she lay in a suspined position. "No need to feel sorry, sweetheart," he uttered against her ear. "We'll discuss this another time. Right now, I just want to get lost inside your love."
    "You can see inside me, Will you come inside me? Do you wanna ride inside, my love?" Liana shot him a smoldering glance as she sang the sultry Minnie Ripperton lyric against his lips.
    Michael chuckled. "Don't forget to hit the high note."
    "Don't you worry, baby. I will. When you hit my lovin' spot, I'll hit that high note with ease."
    After an hour of hot and steamy lovemaking, Michael held Liana in his arms, warm breath nuzzling her ear. "It's late; you should stay the night."
    "But Baby," she groaned. "I forgot to pack my overnight bag."
    "Liana, please," he pleaded. "I miss spending time with you. I only have a few weeks off before I start shooting videos for Thriller."
    "Aww. I miss you too, baby." She cooed, turning to face him. "Well, if you don't mind me having Franken breath in the morning, then I'll stay."
    "Hmm . . . Perhaps you should go home. I've caught a whiff of that before and--"
    "Ugh! Really?" Liana scoffed, scooting away from him.
    "Girl, calm down! I'm only joking." Michael laughed, his full set of pearly whites on display. "I'll have my bodyguard, Bill, pick up whatever you need in the morning."
    Pulling the covers over their heads, Liana giggled and said, "I'm so happy you got your own place. Finally, we have complete freedom and privacy—we don't have to keep quiet while making love."
    "Thank God for Hayvenhurst being renovated. If not for that, I don't think my parents would have been too keen on me moving out."
    "But you're a grown man."
    "Yes. You and I know that. But unless there's a contract for me to sign or some other pressing matter, they treat me like a three-year-old. However, I'll be turning twenty-five this year—I had to move out sometime, you know?"
    "Yes. I know. I'm so proud of you for doing what makes you happy."
    Michael smiled. "Before meeting you, I wouldn't have dared to move out . . . I'd die of loneliness. But now, since I have you in my life, I'm not lonely anymore. I feel like I can do anything with you by my side."
    "Oh, baby!" Liana gushed, wrapping her arms around the back of his neck. "I feel the same about you."
    Rolling Liana underneath him, he sank between her thighs—their bodies quivering against each other. "God, how I've missed you," he muttered against her neck, inhaling the sweet scent of her floral perfume. "I love you, baby."
    "I love you too," Liana whispered as Michael deepened his kiss against her neck. Though Michael was extremely shy when they first met, he was now at a point where he felt completely relaxed with her. Liana had captured his heart, and he was completely enthralled with her. He didn't meet many women like himself, which made him fall head over heels for her. Like he, she was reserved, soft-spoken, and cared deeply for others. And though marriage was the last thing on his mind—he could easily see himself spending the rest of his life with Liana—as long as their relationship continued to grow and prosper.

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