"Cry/I Want You To Stay" (song written for MJ by Marsha Ambrosius)

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

I know you all are familiar with Michael's silky, soulful jam "Butterflies," written by Floetry (Marsha Ambrosius). But did you know she wrote another song for Michael titled "Cry/I want you to stay?" The song was written a few weeks before Michael's passing, and as stated by Marsha in the video's audio—they never got to finish the song. A few weeks before the "This Is It" tour was slated to begin, she flew over to London and wrote the song in her mother's house on the piano. And though this is only Marsha singing, one can tell it was written with Michael in mind—I can definitely hear him singing this! In an interview with Soul Culture, she stated, "Michael Jackson's influence can be seen and heard in not just the music I make but in most artists. I can't help it! No pun. Why not strive for greatness?"

I wonder if Michael got a chance to lay any vocals for "Cry/I want you to stay?" It's such a emotional and beautiful arrangement—peep the audio of her performing the song live at the "Jazz Cafe" in London in July 2009.

Please note: a different arrangement of the song appears on her album, "Late nights and Early Mornings" as "I want you to stay"—Originally, the song was titled "Cry."

Peep the Live, piano version of the song at the link below: https://youtu.be/ZPO7tb8-pX8