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Cute Pictures of Michael Jackson in a Photobooth! (Midnight's Random MJ Moments).

Ted Frankel's (Museum Gift Shop manager) original photo booth pictures with Michael.

I originally posted this story on Twitter and am now getting around to posting it here. I was prompted to share this story when someone posted a couple of the pictures shown on the left. I then said to myself, "hey, I have an interesting story to tell about those pictures, so, why not? lol." With that being said, this was a quick write up at the time on Twitter. Please excuse any brevity and grammatical errors in the following blog post.

Over a year and a half ago, I was visiting one of my favorite museums (and it's gift-shop) while wearing my MJ bag and necklace. As I browsed the shop, "Blame it on the Boogie" started playing. The museum's gift shop manager approached me and asked if I was an MJ fan (sarcastically, of course, lol.)—he saw my MJ gear—I was carrying a bag that said, "We Love You, Michael Jackson. He then tells me that MJ visited a shop in Chicago that he owned back in the day and that MJ bought lots of Disney Merchandise. Before Michael left the store, he told him that he couldn't leave without taking a picture inside his photo booth. So, Michael said sure. The shop owner told me that Michael was very kind and super nice. Before I saw the pictures, I asked if he was joking, lol. I'm blind and couldn't see the board they were on. He then said, "I can take the picture down so you can see and get a better picture." He then posed with the pics. And then I told him, ah, so wonder, the last time I was here, one of the workers asked if you, the manager, had seen my MJ necklace. Lol. He then showed me a J5 book I'd been meaning to buy. He said he had MJ buttons, but they were sold out. That week, I had been super sick with a cold, and the random Michael Moment made my day.


Midnight 💜🌛



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