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Flashback: Michael Jackson's 1996 Performance of "Earth Song" at the WMA's

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

On May 8th, 1996, Michael Jackson performed "Earth Song" at the World Music Awards! In my opinion, this is one of Michael's best performances! He was serving it all! Looks, moves, and vocals—but first and foremost, he was spreading viable information. One of the things I've always admired and loved about Michael was his love for this earth—its inhabitants and animals. Michael was indeed one of a kind and wanted to heal our, "big blue hue" (as Michael would call it), aka "Planet Earth." If you haven't watched this performance in a while, please check it out and listen to Michael's message. A message he conveyed until his untimely passing. The following is a statement Michael made at the end of the Earth-Song segment in This is it:

“I love the Planet, I love the trees. I have this thing for trees—the colors and changing of leaves. I love it. I respect those kind of things. I really feel that nature is trying so hard to compensate for man’s mismanagement of the planet. Because the planet is sick, like a fever. If we don’t fix it now, it’s at the point of no return. This is our last chance to fix this problem that we have, where it’s like a runaway train. And the time has come, This Is It.” 

Per Brad Sundberg, one of Michael's audio engineers and technical director of 18 years, Michael was constantly tweaking and working on Earth Song and wanted the London Philharmonic Orchestra on the track.

Hopefully, Michael's vision for the "Earth Song" track will come to fruition someday—it would be most certainly beautiful to hear!

Peep Michael's 1996 WMA performance at the following link:



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