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Former Dancers For MJ "Remember The Time!"

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

When Michael Jackson dropped a new short film back in the day, it was an event! My whole family would gather in front of the TV and watch the King Of Pop work his magic! Needless to say that "Remember The Time" is a classic short film of Michael's (hell, they all are!)—but Remember The Time is everything! From the cinematography, acting, costumes, and dancing—it's one of the most incredible music videos ever made (ahem, short films!)

And while I loved the classic actors(celebs) and director's work on this short film, the dancers also excited me! Mike had some phenomenal and prolific dancers in this masterpiece! From Jossie Harris (Original "FlyGirl" on in Living Color) to Big Lez (Intro Dancer of Living Single) to Fatima Robinson (Iconic choreographer who also choreographed the dance sequences in Remember The Time)—Michael was surrounded by Black Girl Magic, and that's only naming a few of the incredible dancers. And shout out to the fantastic male dancers as well—because they were doing the damn thing too! And of course, it goes without saying that our bae, Michael is phenomenal—he's always on beat!

Long ago, I remember reading an article where a dancer stated that she loved working for Michael Jackson because he always treated his women dancers with respect, and they were well taken care of while on the set.

Recently, I've come across a video of dancers Remembering The Time dancing for the King Of Pop on the iconic "Remember The Time" short film!

Side Note: I didn't know that Vivica A. Fox was one of the dancers (who danced around Mike when he was in the circle) in Remember The Time! It's mentioned in the video!

Peep the video below (Also check out the "Making of Remember The Time" which aired on MTV when the short film was released—and I've included an amazing 4k video of Remember The Time I found on YouTube as well!

(P.S. For those who are reading the Michael Jackson Romance-Fan Fiction, "Playa El Estero," I'll be posting new chapters either on Saturday or Sunday Night).

Happy Friday,

Midnight August Moon 💜🌛

Former Dancers For MJ "Remember The Time!"

"Making of Remember The Time"

"Remember The Time in 4K Video Quality"



Unknown member
Jun 04, 2022

Remember the time is stunning. The dancers are still so beautiful. I wish I grew up at a time of MJ video premier's but I was born a lil too late. I remember when YRMW aired and it was a exciting time. ☺

Unknown member
Jun 05, 2022
Replying to

Awww, well at least you got to experience a little of the excitement! And, omg! I was so happy when the "You Rock My World" video came out! It was a time!!! 🥰

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