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Happy 50th Anniversary, King!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

In 1971, Michael Jackson made his solo debut with the song "Got To Be There"—written by Elliot Willemsky and released on Motown Records. The single shot to #1 on Cashbox's pop and R&B singles charts—while reaching #4 on Billboards pop and R&B singles charts. And as the saying goes, the rest is HIStory! Michael became one of the most beloved, honored, and decorated music artists of all time. However, in my opinion, and I'm sure you'd agree, he is "The Most!" beloved, honored, and decorated music artist of all time—despite those of which who seek to downplay his influence... Cos, we all know, ain't nobody streaming nor buying the Eagles or Elvis music like that! Michael's albums sales seriously need to be updated by the RIAA. Thriller is the biggest selling album in HIStory... Period. But anyhoo, I won't get into all of that today. And as Michael said, "The history books are not true. It's a lie. The history books are lying." I so agree with him on that! However, his fans will always uphold his legacy!

We love you, Michael. Rest easy and in power, King!

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