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Happy Birthday to Our Forever Bae, Michael Jackson!

We forever miss and love you, Michael! Thank you for sharing your light and love with us! There will never be another like you, sweetheart!

I pretty much think Michael's birthday should be a national holiday because I'm for sure not getting much work done today (so glad I'm working from home ha-ha!) So, today I'm going to be watching, listening, and reading MJ content all day! Trust, the people in my condo will know it's Michael's bday!

What are some of the things you all are doing to celebrate Michael's heavenly 64th birthday? Please feel free to share! Post pictures, video's, gifs, and any sweet words you'd like to share about our sweet pea, our angel—The one and only King of Pop, Michael Jackson!

P.S. "I usually try to send Michael flowers for his birthday (to contribute to the many gifts that fellow fans send his resting place at Forest Lawn), but that wasn't possible this year—and sometimes I ask readers and friends if they would like their names on his card. So, while I can't do that this month, I'm going to send him flowers at a later date, I'll make a post about it, and if you'd like, I'll place your name on the card! So, that'll probably happen maybe in Nov/Dec.


Midnight August Moon 💜🌛

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