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Happy Black HIStory Month!

Here at the Break O Dawn Club, we're kicking off "Black HIStory Month" with the one and only, Mr. Michael Jackson—aptly known as the "King of Pop, Rock, and Soul!"

Though it's been eleven heartbreaking years since Michael's untimely passing, he continues to be the blueprint for many music artists—and rightfully so. But not only was Mr. Jackson an extraordinary musical genius—he was also a grand humanitarian, an avid activist of many causes, and an incredible philanthropist. Michael was much more than an Entertainer, and his legacy will never be forgotten nor lost. Rest in paradise, Michael.

Thank you for all you have done for black people, the world over, and the environment. We miss you and love you! Once again, we thank-you.



Unknown member
Feb 07, 2021

Happy Black History Month!

I love that pic of my babes 🥺❤️

Unknown member
Feb 26, 2021
Replying to

Happy Black History Month! It's one of my faves as well! 😍🖤

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