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Happy New Year, and Welcome New, long-time, and Current Members!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Hi All!

First, thank you to all who have supported me and this website. It means a lot to me. I hope you all find the "Break O' Dawn club to be a comfortable spot to indulge in Romantic MJ Stories—and enjoy other areas of this site. And although this website differs from many fantastic reading apps, I have always dreamed of having my own MJ Fanfiction website. Here, I feel more at home and can express myself more freely. And since I write such intimate stories, I prefer gatekeeping them! Lol. But seriously, this site is my dedication of love to Michael, and I wanted to have all my MJ content in one place. I want this place to be like a warm kiss and hug from Michael to those that love him in that "ahem" special way! Lol! And yes, there are many reasons why I don't post my stories in full-on writing apps anymore, but I'll spare you all those details. However, those details are essential to me, and I needed to move on from writing apps so that I could continue forward and keep writing.

So, I've been super quiet on the blog lately, but I'm hoping to get back to posting more when I can (for those interested, lol). I love posting about Michael and my experiences at different MJ events (Past, Present, and Future); wink! In the future, I'll start posting about non-related MJ topics, but that'll be in the "Midnight's Musings" portion of the blog! As some of you know, 2022 was a rough year for me, and 2023 started on a sad note; however, I'm still grateful for all my blessings. And not just for myself but for others—I'm looking forward to a much happier year.

Update 12/14/2023: Due to technical reasons, A decision is pending on whether I want the blog to be public or private, as there are MJ posts and future personal posts I'd like to share. So, as of current, the blog will remain open, but as before, only members can comment.). This site still requires membership to read stories, and that will never change.

The following has been amended above: Now, on to some website updates! The blog will no longer be public. So, please remember to log in—I now prefer to gatekeep the whole site. With the blog being private, it might encourage people to interact more! (j/k).

In a month or so, I'll be introducing a new section to the site. For now, I'll keep under wraps what it is, but some people were interested in it. And for those who are reading that know what it's about—please keep your lips sealed. Lol! However, that section will take time to build because I have some future MJ projects I'd like to add there as well, all of which will take time, along with adding new content to the current sections of this website, i.e., "The Xscape and He Drives Us Wild" Sections.

As for my current MJ Romance Novel, "Playa El Estero," I hope to have a new chapter out on Sunday/Monday or before—just in time for Valentine's Day! So, grab a glass of wine, dim the lights, and get cozy! Per usual, Michael and his leading lady (Makeda in this story) have told me they wanted a longer story! Lol! And though I laid out all the groundwork for this story, I also wanted it to be more robust—hence, it's taking me much longer to write since my schedule is back to being busy. Thank you all for your understanding of the wait times between updates.

Also, unfortunately, time got away from me, so I'll have to delay sending Michael flowers for Valentine's Day—but I plan to send him an arrangement around spring. When I order, I will let you all know and put your name on the card if you like. If you'd like to see some of the flowers I've sent to MJ on behalf of myself and fellow MJ fam, you can do a search on the blog. There is a wonderful florist named "Honey Bee Flowers" who is so sweet and delivers flowers on behalf of many MJ fans around the globe. If you'd like to send Michael flowers, I highly recommend her family-run company. Her website is the following:

Well, I'm going to end this now because it was a novel within itself! However, this is a blog! Hehe.

I wish you all a blessed weekend, and Happy Valentine's day to those that celebrate! And please remember to 'treat yo self!!!' Valentine's day is also about loving yourself! Self-care is vital!

P.S. If you're looking for a quick Valentine's Day Read, check out my story "Blues Away: Baby Be Mine." Yes, shameless plug, I know. I still gotta hustle on my own website! Lol. You can find the link to the story here:


Midnight 💜🌛




Hello Midnight August Moon 🤗 I'm so glad You're here and that Our community exists because of You. Honestly, it's one of my few oases. I am always waiting for every sign of Your activity. I cordially greet You and all of You 🌻💚🤗


Hi Klaudia!

Aww, you're too sweet! I love that you're here as well! Thanks so much! I adore the little community we have here. I'm an old-school MJ fan, so back in the day, I loved visiting all the individual websites...this place reminds me a little of that time. Awww, I'm gonna be better about posting here more often...thanks for awaiting my activity and likewise. I enjoy chatting with fellow MJ Fam. By the way, if you're on Twitter, feel free to follow me there at @Midnightaugmoon

I hope you are doing well! Thanks for being such a sweetheart! 😘💖

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