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I will be taking an extended writing break (please read.)

Hello All,

I will be taking an extended break from writing. However, the short MJ Fanfiction story "Coco Mademoiselle: In Those Jeans" (please scroll to the bottom of the page at the highlighted link I provided above) will still be coming out this year! I just can't say when, but I might share a snippet of it when I get the chance! So, until then, please check my blog for updates and posts, read stories of mine you have yet to read and re-read my old books and stories! I think re-reading books is fun because you discover things you might have missed the first time. Please continue to explore the other sections of this site, which I plan to update over the next few months!

As always, thank you so much for reading my stories and checking out the site! Much l.o.v.e to you all!


Midnight 💜🌛



Unknown member
Apr 23

Enjoy deserve it so much Midnight!! Love, Peace and Soul. Moonwalker Cindy!!😎👑

Unknown member
Apr 23
Replying to

Thankyou!!! I will still be writing after a few weeks in the background but it'll be more relaxed! The break is definitely needed! Blessings to you. 💜🌛

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