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Important "Break O' Dawn Club" Site Information!

(How to update your Profile Picture/Header, Account Settings and notifications, more information about the various MJ Sections on this site—and A New Story Coming in November 2021 Update!)

Hello Everyone! Once again, Thanks for joining the "Break O' Dawn Club." As I stated in a newsletter early last month, I won't send these out often but only to the people who subscribe to my newsletter and would like the latest book news when I release chapters—and a weekly blog digest sent to their email. However, there's still important information I have to send out regarding the site and how it works. I want all to have a great experience here! (Please note, you can always unsubscribe from these emails, the unsubscribe button is located at the bottom of this newsletter.) I get it! I, too, get a lot of mail in my inbox. Just please be sure to email me if you have any questions concerning the operation of the site or need help with logging in, viewing content, and reading stories. So, first things first. Did you know that you can make your profile public or private? You can even change your profile picture and header. You can even follow my profile to receive my blog updates as soon as I post (which would eliminate you having to sign up for the newsletter of my updates.) You can also tailor your notifications as well (ex: turning them off/on etc.) To access your profile page, click the little downward arrow beside your profile pic, located next to the bell icon (located at the top page where you login at. Sorry, I forgot to include a screenshot of that). A pop-up menu will then appear. You'll then want to navigate to "My Account." From there, you can change your Bio, profile picture, and header. When selecting these options, please be sure to choose "Done" (or wait a few seconds) so that it advances you to the option you selected (please give the screen a second to change).

If you'd like to tailor your "Notifications," select "Settings" (from the "My Account" drop-down menu). Then you'll see a variety of things you can change, such as being alerted of "Likes, comments, and subscribing to receive notifications from my blog. The notifications tab will list all activity in response to when others reply or like your post.

Down below, I've included screenshots of everything I've mentioned. If you need further assistance, please feel free to email me at or

Also, sometimes email notifications from the site get sent to various mail folders such as "Promotions," so if you signed up to receive notifications but aren't getting them. They more than likely have gone to that folder or even your spam folder, unfortunately. And though it's not mandatory, I highly recommend becoming a mobile member of my site. To stay "up-to-date" on the go with my site and updates, download the "Wix Spaces" app from your app store—then select "Join with Invite Code," located at the bottom of the page. The join code is: LJNXGT or click the following link: (if asked for an invite code, please enter: LJNXGT) This app makes it easier to keep up with my book updates and commenting on my blog. You can easily turn off notifications within the app as well. (And If I happen to bring back my MJ Forum, this will also make it easier to view the forum, post, and reply.) Please note: you can't read stories via the app—only on the actual website. So, in November, I'll be posting a new story to the site with weekly updates! And if you didn't know about the new story, this is why it's important to check out my blog for updates, subscribe to my newsletter, or subscribe to my blog via my profile page, as I mentioned above. You can read more about the new story here: New Story (Coming in November 2021) ( And though I know most of you are here for the M.J. Romance Novels, aka M.J. Fanfiction! This site is a dedication of my love for Michael. So, in addition to M.J. stories, I write M.J. Blog post. I have an M.J. Music section, "M.J. In the Mix," and a video section, "He Drives Us Wild." I update these pages periodically with new content! But I also love things like poetry, black romance novels, and such... so, I'll also be posting non-MJ stories in the future as well. As a lover of romance novels, with my M.J. fanfiction, I've infused the two! This is why I call my stories "M.J. Romance Novels" (please read my "About" section for a more thorough explanation of this.) But basically, this site encompasses, first and foremost, My Love for Michael Jackson—and then Black Romance Stories, Music, and Poetry. P.S. I'll also be blogging about non-M.J. things in the future, but it has its own section under my blog titled "Midnight's Musings," which still includes M.J. posts as well (just a heads up for when you start seeing non-M.J. related blog posts.) Please Remember, there are three MJ Fan-Fiction sections on this site with several stories: MJ Romance Novels, Seven Digits (MJ Short Stories), and Who's Is It? (Erotic MJ Stories). Also, if you didn't know, the story "Hello, August Moon" was updated with a "Special 5 Year Character" update! So, if you read that story on Wattpad, it now includes 8 new chapters. You can read them here: But anyhoo! I don't want to make this blog/newsletter too long! Please do check out my M.J. blog posts and the other M.J. Sections of the site! This website is a safe place to love, honor, and adore our sweetpea, Mr. Michael Jackson. And last but not least, please familiarize yourself with the "Break O' Dawn Club" website rules (which I'm hoping everyone read when signing up since it was required.) But if you somehow missed them, here they are:

Blessings, Midnight (Break O' Dawn Club Admin)



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