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Join The Break O' Dawn Club on the "Wix Spaces App!"

Hello All,

I haven't been active in posting on the Break O' Dawn Club's "Wix Spaces App"—because though I have many members signed up to the website, not many are on the app itself. However, I will start posting more there!

Besides writing on my blog, I enjoy posting quick MJ tidbits, MJ pics and writing more casually about many topics. But due to how websites are run, it's not the best practice to post short articles or just pictures on my blog without some proper context behind them. So, I have created a section on the Break O' Dawn Club's Wix Spaces App titled "Off the Wall," where I will post the aforementioned. And I have also created a section titled "Xscape Lounge" (He Drives Us Wild)—this section is on the website as well. However, you can view the videos a bit easier on the app! But unfortunately, I'm not able to get the "MJ In the Mix" section of the "Xscape Lounge" on the app—you'll still have to access it through the website.

Please Note: The app makes it easier to keep up with my book updates and commenting on my blog. You can change notifications within the app as well.

So, if you'd like to join the Break O' Dawn Club on the "Wix Spaces App," please download the app via the following link and signup with the same email that you use when logging into the website:

And if for some reason you're prompted for a code, please enter the following: LJNXGT. However, if you're a member of my site, the above link should take you directly to the "Break O Dawn Club" Spaces page. (P.S. only members of my site will be approved to join the Spaces App.)

I'd like to thank "LotsofMJJLove" for encouraging me to be more active on my Wix Spaces App! And if you haven't done so already, please check out her beautiful Michael Jackson Fan Fiction website at

If you have any questions about the space's app, please feel free to contact me or one of my team members at the following email:

I'll possibly be adding more sections and features to the Break O' Dawn Club Website and Spaces App in the distant future. So, stay tuned.

As always, thanks so much to all who have read my stories and have engaged with my website. It really does mean a lot to me, and in these trying days, I hope these stories of our beloved Michael Jackson have offered some escapism—just as he did with the fantastic entertainment he provided us.

In closing, I made some updates to the website a few weeks ago! I've been wanting these cute MJ Boarders above the different story sections, and I've finally created them! (These designs are also on the mobile version of the site).


Midnight August Moon 💜🌛

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