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Looking for a sexy/spooky MJ Read for Halloween? Then check out "Over My Dead Body" by Offthewallbby

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

As most of you all know, I love me some romance! But I also love paranormal-type stories as well! A few years ago, I read a story that encompassed romance and the paranormal—and I absolutely loved it! I also adore the singer, Irene Cara, who of which is the leading lady in the story. So, if you're looking for a spicy and haunting MJ Fanfic read for Halloween, then please do check out "Over My Dead Body" by 'Offthewallbby.'

'Offthewallbby' is another sweet writer and reader that I had the pleasure of meeting online during my time on Wattpad. And though I'm no longer on the app, I still support others there when I can. Please do check out her story—I think you'll enjoy it!

Short Story Description (Per 'Offthewallbby's' Wattpad Page)

After suddenly dying Irene Cara becomes adamant on not leaving her lover Michael behind. Though she is warned about ghouls staying on earth, the stubborn ghost will not accept the fact of her time in the human world was cut short. Even in death the human love for Michael still lingers inside of her heart.

Happy, Sexy-haunting reading! 🎃🔥🧡



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