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"Man Crush Monday" (It's always gonna be MJ, btw!)

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Many years ago, when I first laid eyes upon this gorgeous picture of Michael in his autobiography 'Moonwalk,' I kissed this photo until it got damaged, prompting me to buy another copy! Lol! There is something just so sexy about the "Victory" Era that sets my loins ablaze! Sure, this might have been more information than y'all needed to know—but! We are here to love and lust on our sweetheart, Michael!

Please feel free to drop in the comments the cute and embarrassing things you've done concerning MJ! But, please—keep it 'PG.' Though we are pretty easy going around here at the "Break O' Dawn Club" and celebrate MJ's Sexiness, the blog is still public. ( I sometimes share my more extensive articles on other platforms.)

Please Note: All story and media areas are private. So, in those areas, you can be a bit more expressive in the comments but please keep in mind the rules we have in place, which can be found at the following link if anyone needs a refresher:

Happy Monday 🥰💦🔥

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