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Michael Jackson (Deep Cuts) StationHead Streaming Party!


I hope everyone has been well. Next Monday, April 3rd, from 6 pm to 10 pm. I'll be Hosting/DJing an MJ Streaming Party on StationHead. These parties are always fun. The DJs/Host play a Michael Jackson playlist that was curated by them, and listeners are able to request songs as well. Also, I use the term DJ/Hosts very loosely for myself, lol! We talk a little bit, but the focus is on helping to boost MJ's streaming numbers, discover new MJ tunes (which is rare but happens for some newer fans)—and kick back, chat, and have fun with fellow fans! P.S. "You don't have to chat if you don't want. Some people come just to listen and read the chat!"

In order to listen to the show, you'll need to download the "StationHead" App from your phone's app store—and then connect to a premium music service such as Spotify or Apple Music (The Stationhead App will prompt you to do this once you log in). If you don't have a premium service plan, you can download a free trial of Spotify at: (Just remember to cancel before the trial ends.)

In the past, when doing these parties, there is usually a specific goal in mind, as how the (Thriller Challenge Team) and MJ Fam did with the "Thriller" Challenge back in October, trying to get the single at the top of the charts—but fans also have these parties just for fun and to boost MJ's streams overall. Please see the following article for more information on how StationHead works in terms of boosting MJ's streaming numbers (which is very important in this day and age of music.)

So, if you can! Please join me and my co-host for a fun-filled night celebrating Mr. Michael Jackson! My DJ name on Stationhead is "Close2Midnight."

I'm excited about this streaming party because I will be streaming the non-casual fan songs! Lol! It's gonna be all the Deep Cut Fan-Favorites and Previously Unreleased Gems!

Peep the flyer below for more information:

The direct link for the StationHead Party is:



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