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Michael Jackson - "Loving You" (animated film) by the Beautiful Poem.

Michael's fans are so creative, and it warms my heart that many of his fans have fused their love for him with their own creative talents. Last year, I came across a wonderful Youtube Channel called the "Beautiful Poem,"—and I was blown away by their animated artwork of various Michael Jackson songs! (P.S. I especially love the romantic ones, but I'm sure y'all already knew that! Hehe.) So, when I saw that they created a video for "Loving You" from the Xscape album, I was super excited!

Peep the video below!!!

And please, if you get a chance, check out more of the "Beautiful Poem's" videos! We have so many talented fans in the M.J. Community— and I think it's essential to support those who contribute to honoring Michael and keeping his spirit alive.

Sidenote: my pen name is a fusion of some of the lyrics in "Loving You,"—however, I'll explain that in a future blog (though I'm pretty sure you all can figure it out. Lol!)

Happy Friday!

Midnight August Moon

Here are two more favorites of mine by The Beautiful Poem!

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