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Michael's Rendition of "When You Wish Upon A Star!"

Michael Jackson's cover of "When You Wish Upon A Star" instantly brings a smile to my face and lifts my spirits. The joy that can be heard in Michael's voice is so beautiful, magical, and heartwarming—his rendition of this classic tune embodies the essence of what I think Disney was going for—one of wonderment and magic! Whew, so many emotions I feel when listening to Michael's soulful and delicate voice float effortlessly in an assortment of tones across the composition's notes—his voice on this reduces me to happy tears. But that said, I love when the beat drops—Mike was grooving! I love how he remixed it with "Ease On Down The Road" from the classic film he guest-starred in, The "Wiz!"

Check out the video below of Mike singing "When You Wish Upon A Star, Follow the Yellow Brick Road, and Ease on Down The Road!"

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