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MJ "Vindication Day!"

MJ Innocent! Vindication Day!

Today is 'Vindication Day' for M.J., but he should have never been persecuted in the first place. This day was triumphant, but the entire trial also took its toll on him.

Seventeen years ago, Michael Jackson, an Innocent man, was acquitted in a court of law. I'll never forget running home that day to hear the verdict. While that was a scary day, I knew in my heart that Michael would be acquitted. Michael was a very strong person, and he doesn't get enough credit for every day that he showed up to court with his head held high—most people would have faltered under such pressure and scrutiny, but Michael had the truth on his side—I can't imagine his suffering.

R.I.P., Michael! "We Got You Always!" L.O.V.E. Lives Forever! 💜🕊️

Please check out the the following podcast that have been released for "Vindication Day!"

"The M.J. Cast Interviews Brett Barnes by Charles Thompson!" Brett Barnes was a dear friend of Michael's and continues to be a major supporter of his, who also testified in the 2005 trial! This is his first major interview since 1993. You can listen to the interview at: (The M.J. Cast is also on Spotify and iTunes.)

And also, check out the "Infectious Groove Podcast 'Michael Jackson' Episode." It's a special solo episode explaining why they always say, "MichaelJacksonIsInnocent!" You can listen to the podcast at the following link:

Also, if you are on Twitter, the M.J. Fam is attempting to trend the hashtag #ApologizeToMichaelJackson. Here are some wonderful banners that an M.J. Fam Twitter user created—check them out at the following link:

P. S. "Please excuse any brevity or errors."


Midnight 💜🌛

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