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New MJ FanFic Short Story: "Coco Mademoiselle" (Coming soon and "Playa El Estero" Update News).

Updated: Nov 12

Coco Mademoiselle: Michael Jackson Fan Fiction
Coco Mademoiselle: In Those Jeans (Michael Jackson Fan Fiction)

Update: This story has been delayed but is still in the works!

Hey All!

I'm just chiming in to say hi, and I hope all are well! As always, thanks for taking the time to read the stories. I was hoping to have a new MJ FanFic short story up in time for Michael's birthday, but due to time constraints, I don't think that will happen. Still, I'm hoping that it'll be published in Sept 2023.

On to the story, If my fellow MJ Fan Ladies are anything like me, then you all have surely gushed over Michael in those Sparkly Jeans he started rocking in the early 2000s—The BET ones are my favorite, and the black ones he wore at his bday party at Neverland. But anyhoo, one day, while I was taking a break from writing "Playa El Estero," I started writing a side story and here we are! Lol! Hey! When inspiration strikes, I go for it! That being said, the latest chapter of "Playa El Estero" will be delayed (due to me flirting with this new story a bit, life happenings, editing of chapters, and my Bday coming up...August 21st.) But I do hope to get it posted within a month or so (if not before).

P.S. The new short story also has a bit of when Michael was rocking his cute and sexy goatee beard—it's kinda like two stories for one but I'll hush on that as to not give the story away.

In the coming weeks, I'll post a brief description of the short story, which will be located in the "Who's Is It?" section of the site, so expect the hot, romantic, and sexy vibes to be on level 10! But for now, here is the cover! I wanted it to give sultry, warm, and cozy vibes!

Also, shout out to my writer pal, Bri (Check out her amazing stories on Wattpad, BTW, @Naniscas), for helping me brainstorm names for this story—and who put the little thought in my head to make it into a series! Currently, this story won't be a series, but who knows—we'll have her to thank if it does turns into one. But the more I think about it, I'm digging a little mini-series, perhaps.

Happy Michael Season!

Midnight August Moon 💟🌛

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