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New Section To The Website!

Updated: May 17, 2023


I hope everyone is well! I miss blogging so much, but between life, being busy, and trying to write, I haven't been able to create as many blog posts as I'd like! And even with this one! I'll try to keep it short and sweet! I'm trying to get the latest "Playa El Estero" chapter up tonight or later this weekend!

But anyhoo!! On to the new section of the website, which I aptly named "Midnight's Boudoir!" (Catchy, right? Lol). It's my personal powder room (so to speak), where you can gaze upon the MJ Photo Gallery titled "Michael Amongst Black Girl Magic," check out my poetry (TBA), listen to my podcast (TBA)—and whatever else tickles my fancy! And as you all know, Mr. Michael Jackson always tickles my fancy! So more MJ content will be posted here in the future.

P.S. The above description is similar to the description I posted on the website section because I didn't feel like writing something new in this blog to describe it! Lol! So, please do check it out if you get the chance! It's located near the bottom of the menu on your mobile device—and at the end of the menu if on a desktop/laptop. Or you can click the following link:

*** This blog has been amended as of 05/17/2023. Due to my MJ Journal being very personal to me, I've decided not to share it at this time—and have removed it from the website. However, I'm looking forward to posting more MJ Content to the "Midnight's Boudoir" section of the site in the future! For now, please enjoy the MJ Picture Gallery! ***


Midnight 💜🌛



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