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Our Man Crush (MJ) Monday!

(Sexy) Michael Jackson - Greg Gorman Photoshoot

Happy Monday! We need all the outtakes from this particular section of the Greg Gorman Photoshoot! Michael was being risqué in the name of art—and I love it!

Although I'm sure most of you have seen this photo (because it surfaced in 2015), I still wanted to share a bit more about this photoshoot for those who might not know about it. And Michael looks hot! So...hey, here we are! I really don't need a deep reason to share! 😩🔥💖💯

I love and adore this photo because Michael looks vulnerable, strong, and in deep thought. I just think it's a gorgeous picture of him. And with him being so shy at times, I can't help but think this was maybe a little of a challenge for him—but Michael was also very bold. I love all his many layers. 🥰

Read the English translation from the article where Greg Gorman speaks about how the photo came to be:


ICON: Have you developed friendships with these people?
Gorman: I'm close friends with Pierce Brosnan and also with John Hurt. I'm not a name dropper, but I got along well with Michael Jackson. He called me sometimes and we talked.
ICON: There is also a picture of Michael Jackson in the exhibition that has never been shown before.
Gorman: Right. Whenever I took a picture of Michael, we talked for two hours beforehand. About the concept and what we wanted to do. On the day this photo was taken, he said how much he admired my nude photographs. So we decided to take a photo that's a bit more revealing. I suppose that's why the public hasn't seen it for so long.

The full article can be read at the following link:

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