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Playa EL Estero (news-updates)

Hey all, I'm sorry for going a bit silent! The move into my new condo has been a lot and because I have a bigger place, we got additional furniture and don't have a table yet (still getting unpacked and settled). I also had to get a new laptop! I had also been helping out a bit with the Thriller Challenge by being a streaming DJ (but keep that here because I remained a mystery DJ, lol. And didn't tell anyone it was me. It was an honor to participate with that.) But back to updates. I'm going to try to update the story by next weekend. I'm currently battling side effects from getting a flu shot and Covid booster, and I feel awful. But anyhow, the next chapter is written as well as other chapters, I just need to proofread and post. Pray that my dining room table comes soon!!! I hope you all have been well. And I understand if some fall off with the story...but, it'll be there when they return.

Blessings, Midnight August Moon 💜🌛

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