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Sexy Sunday! (Fawning over a MJ Photoshoot by Herb Ritts)

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Sexy Sunday? Can I even say that? Lol. Well, I just did! In addition to celebrating Michael's kind heart and incredible talents, we're all about celebrating Michael's sexy side over here. And with that being said, Mr. Jackson got a chick pheening! I've always adored this ultra sexy and sultry photo shoot by famed photographer Herb Ritts. Just look at that smoldering gaze, bedroom eyes, delectable lips, and titillating bawdy! Michael wasn't playing with us! Because he was naturally sexy—without trying, when he did purposely turn up the heat, it left many of his lady fans aching and quaking.

Admittedly, I'm disappointed in myself. I love teasing how Michael held back on showing us some nips, but in reality, they are more like "missed opportunities at showing up some nips" because he did show them. I'm just ngreedy. While looking at various MJ pics, I have inwardly screamed, "slide that shirt over to the side just a little more, Boo!" Haha! However, after all these years, I'm just noticing the nip playing peek-a-boo in the first pic! Yes, for those who have known me long enough, they know that I love Michael's nipples and neck—this is me, and I'm okay with that! Lol! The truth shall set you free!

Can you all believe that I used to hide my attraction to him? And it wasn't because I didn't think he was sexy; I was just timid and sheltered into my mid-twenties. In some ways, I feel my love for Michael grew as I matured. But even now, unless I'm speaking to fellow lady MJ fam (who get this man's raw sexiness)l, I still blush around others while watching Michael's sexy self on-screen—or while listening to a seductive song of his. Michael was ethereal, alluring, and straight-up foine! Ok, I'll end this thirst-fest now! Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

P.S. a glass of champagne (and I don't drink much, so a little goes a long way) was involved in the writing of this blog post, but all information is from the heart. Mike got a sista "weak in the knees." 🤎

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