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The "Black Jackson Estate" (MJ Podcast)

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The Black Jackson Estate (Celebrating The Life & Artistry Of Michael Jackson From A Black Millennial Perspective!)

The Black Jackson Estate Podcast is my absolute favorite Michael Jackson podcast! As a black woman and a millennial myself, it's a great change of pace to hear an MJ podcast by a group of people that I bond with culturally. I'll never forget when I interacted with the "BJE's" Twitter account on their Butterflies vs.You Rock My World poll—one of the greatest MJ song polls in Twitter HIStory! But who knew that I would actually get the chance to meet this fantastic account which provided the TL with many laughs, knowledge, and entertainment! In June 2019—the 10th anniversary of Michael's passing, I met up with Black Jackson Estate in California. And though it was a sad trip, we had many bright moments honoring the man who has brought so much joy to our lives. But back to their podcast! It's intelligent, fun, and heartfelt! But be prepared; they will also have you crying tears—they are hilarious in a good way! And a certain MJ Fanfic author has been on a couple of their podcasts. Hint, hint). So, please check out their show! I know you'll love it.

Follow The Black Jackson Estate on Twitter @blkjackestate and please be sure to peep their podcast on the following platforms:

Apple Podcasts:



Unknown member
Dec 14, 2021

OMG IM SO HAPPY THAT THERES A BLACK MJ PODCASTT AHHHHH! Now i finally got something to listen to during those slow days at work 😊

Unknown member
Dec 16, 2021
Replying to

I didn’t know they already had 25+ podcasts already on 😳 I got lots to catch up on

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