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Valentine's Day Flowers For Michael! 🌹

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Valentine's Day Flowers sent to Michael on behalf of the Break O'Dawn Club Members, Loyal Readers, and some fellow author friends of mine.

The heart flower display w/picture and yellow roses are the arrangements sent on behalf of the Break O' Dawn Club. The other beautiful flowers were sent by another MJ fan group.

These gorgeous arrangements were created by "Honey Bee Flowers." They are a great family-run business located in Glendale, California—it's always a pleasure to speak with them on the phone when I'm placing the flower orders. Very kind, accommodating, and friendly people.

Please note, the following pictures were taken by Honey Bee Flowers and a nice fan (Sylvie) who was kind enough to place our flowers at the door of the "Holly Terrace," — Michael's resting place.

Happy Valentine's Day, Michael. We love and miss you immensely, sweetheart. ❤️🌸🌹🌻👑



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