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What's your favorite Michael Jackson Slow Jam?

So, as most of you all know, this website's vibe is pretty much all about love and romance for MJ–and oh, how I adore Michael's romantic songs! The Invincible album is my baby for the love songs alone! Lol! But what's your favorite? Again, choosing my favorite Michael song is like asking me to sell a vital organ–it's simply too hard for me to choose. But I can narrow it down to a few! Here are my favorites, and I have a personal story for each...I know exactly where I was–and what I was doing when I heard each of them. For example, I remember walking past the "Dollar Tree" Store and hearing just a bit of "Butterflies" when it was first released–the song was playing on their store's radio. I then ran into the "Dollar Tree" though I had nothing to buy. I hadn't even heard Michael's voice, but only an instrumental section, and I just KNEW it was a new song by our beloved, Michael. When I left the store, I ran home and requested the song on the radio–and waited until they played it again so I could record it. Lord, let's just say, "I've done a lot of sleeping by the radio" back in the day to record MJs songs!

However, my all-time favorite romantic/slow-jam is "I Can't Help It,"–most who know me know this! Lol. When I was little (in the early-mid '80s), I remember hearing it as I was half asleep in the back of my dad's car–and then he did the unspeakable! He changed the station! When I got home, I slept by my little radio, hoping to hear the beautiful melody that gave me butterflies in my tummy. The butterflies in my tummy is a feeling that I love when my spirit connects with a song and, more specifically, the chords of an accompaniment, but that's a music theory discussion for another day, lol. I'm also an admirer of Stevie Wonder, so that song and a few others that the two worked on in some compacity are everything to me. Also, and I don't know if this is true or not–supposedly, there is an entire album that Stevie Wonder wrote for Michael. If that's true, then I WILL sell a vital organ for a copy of it! Lol! But, back to I Can't Help It, which I wrote a little about in another blog, And though I love the original version, I love the demo as well! I loved the up-tempo Latin jazz vibe (if you'd like to read more about that, please see the following blog post link–it's towards the end, but the whole blog is informative.) Link to the blog post: Greg Phillinganes Interview: Michael Jackson's Music Director (

Without further ado, here are my favorite romantic–MJ slow jamz! Again, I love all of these songs and have a personal story for each (but I'll spare you, though this is what my blog is for, write about the things I love and like and I'm appreciative of all those who take the time to read my post).

So, what's your favorite "Romantic" MJ Slow Jam? (it can be a bit mid-tempoish as well), but the keyword is romantic. And although some of MJ's slower songs aka "Ballads" fall into a grey area, I'm keeping to the emotional–grown and sexy jams for this list. Trust, there are others I "Speechless."

P.S. "I narrowed the following list down!" lol! And you don't have to list this many songs! but yeah, this was hard for me.

1. I Can't Help It

2. The Lady In My Life

3. Human Nature

4. Someone Put Your Hand Out

5. Butterflies

6. Break Of Dawn

7. Time Waits For No One (This is technically the Jackson's, but I also consider Triumph to be the lost Michael Jackson Album, lol).

8. Heaven Can Wait

9. Fall Again

10. Don't Walk Away

11. I Just Can't Stop Loving You (The intro...the spoken word intro!) should have never been removed! So sexy! If you've never heard that intro, peep the video below. I love that our man was so committed to that intro, sounding very intimate that he recorded it while laying in a bed! Michael went to great lengths for his art!

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