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Why I choose to celebrate "sexy" Michael! 👑💋❤️💯

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The following was originally posted on my Instagram page last year,

but I wanted to share here as well! You can find me on Instagram at: Breakodawnclub777


As much as I love posting about how sexy Michael is, it's not the only reason why I love him. I first and foremost fell in love with his music and performing from a very young age and have been a fan of his since the age of two. As I grew older, I started discovering his humanitarian work and thought, "wow! he is an amazingly sweet guy and not just any ole' entertainer. But because I'm human, I started to recognize just how sexy he was as I became older. 

Aside from some of us MJ fans, Michael isn't always seen as the most sexy to the general public, and it drives me crazy that others don't see what some of us see (blame the media for that). Since Michael was naturally sexy and sensual, he didn't have to over-sale it or pretend to be something he wasn't. There are millions and millions of websites/fan pages that are dedicated to his music and humanitarianism, but I wanted to create a page where I could celebrate something different—his "sexy" side and him just being a man in general! 

Remember, Michael was also very entuned with his sexy and sensual side. If he weren't, trust... we wouldn't have jams like "In the closet" and countless others (just listen to his lyrics). And also! Let us not forget the spoken word intro to "I just can't stop loving you," Where he went through great lengths just to make it sound like he was whispering sweet and sensual words into a woman's ear. With that being said! I will celebrate "Sexy" Michael Forever!

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Άγνωστο μέλος
12 Δεκ 2020

As always, you've highlighted one of Michael's qualities, many attempt to ignore or down-play. As Michael himself has stated, as soon as white women started reacting to who he was, their male counterparts lost their mind. I guess those with the plantation mindset couldn't stand seeing their women expressing their attraction for a Black man. But yes, Michael just oozed sex with the way he moved his hands, his soft voice and his magic hips and lawd amercy those pelvic thrusts. He will always the best of the best!!

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