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Award-winning producer Andre Harris speaks about bringing the song "Butterflies" to Michael Jackson!

Updated: Mar 15

I never tire of hearing about how the Invincible Album by Michael Jackson came about and the creative process behind it—as I do believe it's an incredible album and is one of my top Favorites! With jams like Break of Dawn, Heaven Can Wait, and Butterflies, it is the most incredible R&B, slow/mid-tempo run ever, in my opinion!

But anyhow, I love coming across videos where people who worked on the Invincible album provide some insight into what it was like to work with the one and only, legendary, Michael Jackson. I'm late in sharing this video, so I'm sure many of you have already seen it, but if not, please watch it when you can. (Also, I enjoy writing blog posts when I have time because I hope this website will be like a hidden MJ treasure trove to those who discover it years down the line—but I digress, lol!).

In the video, the host of "Can We Talk R&B," Ian Von, talks with Grammy award-winning writer and producer Andre "Dre" Harris, who, at the beginning of his career, worked with many fantastic local Philadelphia musical artists who were part of the city's neo-soul scene—in addition to working with great artists such a Jill Scott, Floetry, Ciara, Mariah Carey, Musiq Soul Child, Alicia Keys and more!

In the video titled "Deep Dive: The Making of Butterflies by Michael Jackson," Andre speaks about getting together with the writer of Butterflies, Marsha Ambrosius (a member of Floetry at the time), to work on the song and how the song got to Mike. But anyhow, I don't want to give away the experience Andre Harris details! But on a last note, I always love hearing how many in the entertainment world talk about how Michael had a firm handshake, spoke with a gentle but deeper voice than what people were used to hearing, and how much of a "G"—as many of us, Michael's wives and girlfriends, lol, already knew that he was! Yas!

And shout to to Andre for shouting out the legendary recording engineer, Bruce Swedien, who worked on all of Michael's solo-albums (beginning with Off The Wall)! Michael and Bruce met in 1977 when Bruce engineered sessions for the movie The Wiz, and as they say, "The Rest is HIStory!"

Peep the "Deep Dive: The Making of Butterflies by Michael Jackson" as mentioned in this blog post below!

In case you missed it: "Cry/I Want You To Stay" (song written for MJ by Marsha Ambrosius) Blog-post.



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